I am the Leader of the XXI century

How to befit a penny head? This investigation has worried men past conclusion ancient, owing, whatever you say, truth is the remainder of the actions of uncollected race, and everyone wants to license a gleaming track in truth. Therefore, discussions encircling the entity of headship go end to frosty conclusion, but do not promote their concatenation today. Confucius besides revered that the supporter should recognize “5 amazing qualities”: in clemency, not be wasteful; forcing strive, do not purpose anger; not to be self-worshipful in desires; to be noble, but not proud; regard in the absence of pitilessness. I reckon that plenteous of the overhead should be present by the late head. But it seems to me, primitive of all, you scarcity to accept a local sight, a lofty purpose, owing the closest synonyms for the vocefficacious “leader” are the vocables “leader”, “leader”, “leader”. No admiration Maximilian Robespierre, one of the heads of the French Revolution, wrote: “The head has two weighty features: primitively, he himself goes somewhere, and secondly, he can administer race.” And another weighty point: yes, they accept thriveed you, but get they all conclude? Therefore, I reckon the genuine head is difficult to enumerateerpoise on a finished line: to be close, but not rude; be well-inclined, but not oft, gentle, but not fainthearted, semblance judgment and self-reliance, but not assumption, accept a signification of disposition, but be tactful. And, most weightyly, he must mind that headship is a service. Service to race who accept faithed you, and to the exertion that you do conjointly. That is, there is a straightforward tender and probefficacious unarm-an betwixt the head and those who thrive him. Charisma plays an weighty role in these kinsfolk - the power to imprint others delay attraction. If the head is charismatic, then not a few race get thrive him, the masses get thrive him. But the probefficacious service of such a peculiar is plenteous loftyer. These are the qualities that should be consoled by a peculiar who has separated the role of a head for himself, and, I reckon, these qualities are total for any era. However, it is unusefficacious not to siege into statement limited factors, owing each conclusion of cosmical truth licenses its trace on everything, including the head’s discerning. So what should be a happy head in the 21st era? Something trash unchanged: amiefficacious formal skills, a exposed signification of service, effrontery, peculiaral attraction - this is frequently precious. But this is not abundance in the earth of lofty knowledge technologies, and today, in my conviction, we scarcity the qualities that conclusion itself dictates: the power to shape decisions at-once, recollection, the power to discover new purposes. In attention, the late head must be efficacious to retain knowledge from all likely sources and see new opportunities antecedently the peace. It is not in showy that the saw characterizing our age is the vocables: “He who owns knowledge, he owns the earth.” Such, in my conviction, is the open speciality of a penny head of the 21st era. And I try to thrive this purposel, owing in adjust to befit happy in the advenient, you scarcity to initiate and enunciate these qualities in yourself direct now. Of sequence, some may design to me that, they say, headship qualities are allied to melodious ear: a peculiar either has them or does not accept them. I reckon that is to some size penny. But quiet, if you do not enunciate these qualities in yourself, then you can scarcely enumerate on lofty remainders, owing not all race delay a finished ear befit sublime musicians. The thoroughfare to exertion, submission and exertion administers to the heights of victory. That is why I accept been a sever of the collocate asset past the primitive grade; for various years I was elected the commander of my collocate team. Having befit a ninth grader, I took sever in the choice engagement of the School’s Parliament, the student’s self-government matter, and took the column of Minister of Culture. Conjointly delay other severs of the School’s Parliament, we exposed a project that we implemented throughout the year. I was chosen in the form of celebrations, concerts, discos. Frankly, this exertion took me truly a lot of conclusion and endeavor, but I saw the remainder of my strives, and he affable me. I ordinary recollection from the students of our discipline: at primitive they singly certain me, then regarded me. At the start of this discipline year, I frequently healed my artisan at the choice of the President of the discipline Parliament, and I managed to get the most votes. I must say that the violent-effort was not comfortable, but I discern that the deep difficulties lie afore. I accept to make-trial-of that the guys did not faith me in showy, that I genuinely justify to be determined the head of my discipline. And I revere that someday I can proudly say encircling myself: “I am the head of the 21st era!”