Human Resources

The Fair Drudge Standards Act (FLSA) establishes guidelines allied to narrowness wage, overtime pay, chronicles-keeping, and branch drudge. Some companies discover themselves facing legitimate challenges when they inconsistently systematize employees as privileged or nonprivileged for the resolve of overtime reimbursements. You feel discovered that Elora Jean & Co. has classified sundry of its nonproduction positions as privileged. As the anthropological resources (HR) legitimate consultant pinched to re-examination all HR policies, you are careful delay legitimate snare, junction challenges that may outcome, and insufficient tracking of hours worked for the resolve of paying overtime. You sketch to ad a grant for Elora Jean & Co.’s possessor, outlining your observations, concerns, and applaudations, care in crave the company’s crave to wait competitive opportunity adhering to business laws. Components of this grant conquer comprise the following: Discuss the key components of the FLSA overtime requirements, focusing specifically on deeming the legitimate eminence between privileged and nonprivileged employees. Generalize how FLSA conquer influence Elora Jean & Co.’s ability to systematize employees as privileged or nonprivileged in ratio to the reimbursement of overtime, and indicate at what aim overtime is remunerated delay deem to hours worked. Research of federal and Indiana recite laws is essential. Discuss the implications of unbecomingly paying junction staff and not having a defined overtime prudence as it relates to drudge ratios. Discuss the legitimate implications of unbecoming sect. Develop a way that Elora Jean & Co. can use to equitably regulate overtime at its facilities. Formulate strategies that you applaud to secure that Elora Jean & Co. accurately classifies employees as privileged or nonexempt. Discuss the roles that job dissection and job descriptions state in the way. Discuss the chronicles-care requirements imposed by the FLSA. Address legitimate issues of narrowness wage, overtime pay, chronicles care, and branch drudge for the Malaysian quickness. Assess practicable HR prudence differences in the Malaysian production and how they may influence Elora Jean & Co.’s private workforce. Note: Ad a 15-slide grant delay a narrowness of 13 slides that embrace logician notes of 150–200 suffrage. The name slide and allusion slide do not feel to feel logician notes.