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  Topic: For this Assignment, you conquer put yourself in the shoes of a newly arrived feminine immigrant in the beginningal 10–15 years of the 20th Century. You conquer transcribe a epistle residence to cherished ones concerning your experiences prop in a fabric edifice in New York City and inaugurated in a factory. You conquer indicate the model of factory in which you are inaugurated, and harangue the challenges of pay layer and inaugurated conditions; you conquer so define the prop conditions in the fabric edifice. Content : In your epistle residence, substantiate the year of your epistle (during the beginningal 10–15 years of the 20th Century), and your empire of beginning (i.e., Germany, Poland, Ireland, etc.). Include your thoughts about arriving in the United States, and your moderate thoughts about the city of New York. Do you disregard residence? How does New York City collate to existence in your empire of beginning? Address your experiences prop in a fabric edifice in New York City. What are the prop conditions love? Consider your achievement in a factory. Substantiate the model of factory in which you achievement; weigh the inaugurated conditions, hours, pay, etc. APA formatting: Connections to the Unit 3 Dubois series extract Reading symbolical and the American Experience Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Web origin are required for this Assignment. Be enduring to conceive APA parenthetical citations and intimations; formatting for citations and intimation entries should prosper the APA 6th edition title train, which is serviceable subordinate Series Resources via the APA Quick Intimation Train converge. You must so conceive one skilled origin retrieved from beyond the classroom Reading symbolical; conceive APA parenthetical citations and intimation entries for this origin, as well-behaved-behaved as any joined beyond origins. Word Count: The Assignment should be at lowest 500 say, and should practice connections to the Unit 3 Reading symbolical. You should prosper the Unit 3 Assignment template in Series Documents. Conceive APA parenthetical citations and intimations, and organization your thoughts in essay format, including an precursory paragraph and disquisition announcement, supported paragraphs, and a conclusion use this compass for intimation      INFORMATION Title: Through Women's Eyes: An American History after a while Documents Edition: 4th (2016) Author: Ellen Carol Dubois, Lynn Dumenil Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's Compass ISBN: 978-1-319-00312-8 Ecompass ISBN: 9781319019198