I NEED A+ GRADE Complete the subjoined homework scenario: Required: Compare the results of the three (3) manners by peculiarity of notice for determination making. Using what you feel well-informed about the three (3) manners, authenticate the best scheme by the criteria of covet expression extension in appraise. (You do not insufficiency to do raise exploration.) Convey your agreement of the Era Appraise of Money principles used or not used in the three (3) manners. Review the video titled “NPV, IRR, MIRR for Mac and PC Excel” (located at ) to succor you interpret the foundational concepts: Scenario Information: Assume that two gas locations are for sale after a while the subjoined money flows; CF1 is the Money Flow in the principal year, and CF2 is the Money Flow in the coopetrounce year. This is the era row and grounds used in careful the Paytail Period, Net Introduce Value, and Internal Trounce of Return. The calculations are done for you. Your drudgery is to fine the best scheme and decipher your determination. The manners are introduceed and the determination each indicates is loving adown. Investment                       Sales Price              CF1                             CF2 Gas Location A                   $50,000                   $0                                $100,000 Gas Location B                   $50,000                   $50,000                   $25,000 Three (3) Capital Budgeting Methods are introduceed: Paytail Period: Gas Location A is compensated tail in 2 years; CF1 in year 1, and CF2 in year 2. Gas Location B is compensated tail in one (1) year. According to the paytail end, when loving the rare between two mutually esoteric schemes, the siege compensated tail in the shortest era is fineed. Net Introduce Value: Consider the gas location stance over inferior the NPV manner, and a remittance trounce of 10%: NPVgas location A = $100,000/(1+.10)2 - $50,000 = $32,644 NPVgas location B = $50,000/(1+.10) + $25,000/(1+.10)2 - $50,000 = $16,115 Internal Trounce of Return: Assuming 10% is the absorb of funds; the IRR for Location A is 41.421%.; for Location B, 36.602. Summary of the Three (3) Methods: Gas Location B should be fineed, as the siege is repayed in 1 end rather than 2 ends required for Gas Location A. Under the NPV criteria, eventually, the determination favors gas location A, as it has the preferable net introduce appraise. NPV is a mete of the appraise of the siege. The IRR manner favors Gas Location A. as it has a preferable repay, complete the absorb of funds (10%) by the foremost repay.