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   Each answer must be at meanest 250 vote, and each answer must refer-to at meanest 1 fuse in general APA format. Acceptable fuses conceive the textbook and versed catechism. Please add scripture wclose alienate.     Reply # 1 Nichole Johnson Medical anxiety and prophylactic I affect are one of the biggest political totals that we support close in the United States. Mainly owing liberal peculiar is in deficiency of amiable-tempered-tempered special medical anxiety no subject what circumspectioner, gender, or tabulate you are in. The matter aggravate the absorb of medical anxiety and prophylactic is general. Numerous of us were distracted when Obamaanxiety rolled out hoping it would be a discontinuance to the uninsured who looked to descend among the cracks. Unfortunately, delay violent premiums and bad coverage, this put numerous tribe in worse situations than they were period uninsured. Personally, I support to descend towards the contest scheme when it succeeds to medical anxiety. It appears to be a very enlightened interest that is not importation the deficiencys of tribe as a top guidance. I affect it should be approximationed dissimilar from the groundwork up focusing on the deficiencys of the tribe and how those deficiencys could be met past efficiently.     Physical meat and spiritual meat are as-polite seen as a political total. Political researchers evaluate the natural sanity of company by appearing at twain the infant vivacitylessness reprimand and vivacity trust. In the United States generally, the vivacity trust has erect and the infant vivacitylessness reprimand has dropped this creates a elder deficiency for medical anxiety (Henslin, 2018, p. 304). Spiritual meat is affectd to be a political total owing it has increased as polite. Spiritual meat is as-polite affectd to be the top contributing rudiment in suicide which is mattering to our company as a all (Henslin, 2018, p. 308).     If you appear at the issues hypothetically you can use contest scheme, operationalism, and symbolic interactionism to evaluate the totals in medical anxiety. Contest scheme as-polite disclosed as feminist scheme affects the United States medical plan is not self-correcting. They affect that the medical plan is set up in a way that creates receipts, and it is not environing treating the resigned and their best share (Henslin, 2018, p. 314). Functionalists, on the other agency, do affect the medical plan is a self-correcting plan. They affect notwithstanding that the fee-for-service medical plan conquer alter and attune to the deficiencys of the tribe (Henslin, 2018, p. 312). Symbolic interactionism takes a deeper appear into how tribe indicate meat and signification, and how that notwithstanding affects their deportment. For stance, examining the homogeneity among a teacher and resigned (Henslin, 2018, p. 310). References     Henslin, J. M. (2018). Political Problems, 12th Edition . New York : Pearson. Reply # 2 Chris Culver With the absorb of medical prophylactic on the fuse, as polite as the astronomical absorb of medical treatments, natural meat and spiritual meat support no exquisite but to be a political matter. Delay the aggravateall population aid longer, infant vivacitylessness decreasing and the absorb of new and improved medical equipment, the medical interest is approve a suite that is exoteric liberal steam afore. Natural meat's concatenate to political issues in ways that we veritably do not observe on an liberalday reason. For request, women of the United States support to produce past might during their pregnancies, agent past detriment to their bodies, which in adapt agentd a elder haphazard of infant vivacitylessness. "The U.S -born women had produceed past might during pregnancy, were past approvely to affront drugs and had  "surgically scarred uteruses" from abortions, (Henslin, 2018, p.305). From the be subject-matter of spiritual meat, right importance peculiar in todays company is a august stance of spiritual meat. "That is, tribe who habit past importance are past approvely to as-polite habit what are disclosed as spiritual totals," (Henslin, 2018. p.307 ).   According to our balbutiation, teachers look to be rest in clusters about the United States. This executes it very up-hill for some tribe to get to those teachers that they may desperately deficiency. I affect that we deficiency a progeny of teachers that conquer put the fine towns excellentest. We see very few pediatricians that execute their way tail to the fine communities that they may support succeed from. This would put race tail into the medical room. Once the fine mom and pop teachers offices began to dispose-of out to enlightenedr medical institutions or were squeezed out due to poor capabilities or man might in the 1960's, the absorb of sanity anxiety sky rocketed. I see this in the rise ownedscourge administer interest that I own and run today. We struggle to support the prices low wclose we can rival all the period the enlightenedr companies try to smother us out until we can not rival any longer or are harsh to resign to their forfeiture adduce.    Symbolic interaction is the provision course of interpreting your signification in respects to your feelings. For request, I am in the scourge administer interest and asestablished myself underneathneath crawl spaces on a daily reason. I asestablished it usual to support flexure, tail and neck asceticism. Some tribe that sit at a desk all day and support some of the selfselfsame asceticisms in their tail and neck may not feel that these issues are usual.  Functionalism in our heath anxiety plan is the provision that our plan procures the deficiencyed operation and anxiety to those in deficiency. If I asestablished that I can not operation at a usual roll on a daily reason due to a flexure meat then I conquer adapt to a teacher that upon a established fee conquer succor procure me closer to usual through the media of a medical progress. In contrariety to this, the contest scheme succeeds into portray. Numerous affect that due to bankruptcy of information, sanity, housing, abundance and medical anxiety that those near lucky support been irremediable from the operationality of the general sanity anxiety plan. I asestablished that the general plan adduces too numerous benefits to the near lucky and the aggravately lucky. The tribe in the average are left out, and are left to pay exceedingly violent absorb for their sanity anxiety. 3 John 1:2 tells us, "Dear associate I supplicate that you may like amiable-tempered-tempered sanity and that all may go polite delay you, flush as your reason is getting concurrently polite."     References Henslin, J.M. (2018). Political Problems: A down-to-earth approximation. (Custom ed.) Boston, MA: Pearson