conduct an analysis of the elements of the research article you identified

identify and interpret one peer-reviewed inquiry word focused on a question in your particular province that curiosity-behalfs you.  Review the word you separated and cogitate on the negotiative manner use of theories/concepts picturesque by the word.  The Assignment: inaugurate an disindividuality of the elements of the inquiry word you signed.  Be firm to embody the following: Your question of curiosity-behalf.  A unexceptionably formatted APA passage of the word you separated, parallel after a while be-mixed or pursuit details.  Identify a negotiative manner use of the theories/concepts presented in the word.  Analysis of the word using the “Repursuit Disindividuality Matrix” individuality of the template  Write a 1-paragraph exculpation stating whether you would approve this word to apprise negotiative manner.  Write a 2- to 3-paragraph epitome that you achieve add to your Academic Success and Negotiative Development Plan that embodys the following:  Describe your access to identifying and analyzing peer-reviewed inquiry.  Identify at last two strategies that you would use that you set to be able in answer peer-reviewed inquiry.  Identify at last one riches you design to use in the advenient to invent peer-reviewed inquiry.