Case Study for Sirphilipjunior

  Mr. R is a 48-year-old Hispanic man who has efforted the gone-by 10 years as a depot efforter. He is 5’6”, weighs 175 pounds, and has a waist boundary of 38”. At his decisive investigate at your appointment, his dignity hurry was 140/60 mm Hg. Prior to the investigate, he had fasting dignity effort produced, and his chief concern provider plans to revisal the results after a while him today. The appertaining indication results are as follows: a fasting plasma glucose raze of 137 mg/dL, an HDL raze of 27 mg/dL, LDL raze of 247 mg/dL, a serum triglyceride raze of 210 mg/dL. Use the forthcoming prompts as guidelines while performing and match your plight study: Identify what this specific is most at destroy for domiciled on the counsel presented in this plight over. Explain the wisdom of this specific’s influence and waist transection. Explain how this specific is at increased destroy for insulin opposition. Explain briefly the differences between hypoinsulinemia, hyperinsulinemia, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia as each tell to an specific after a while likeness 1 diabetes mellitus and likeness 2 diabetes mellitus. For added details, delight relate to the Plight Study Guidelines and Rubric muniment in the Assignments and Rubrics minority of the continuity.