Case Study “Employee Benefits System (EBS)”

   MILESTONE 4 - DATA MADELING - Part II (Physical ERD) ________________________________________________________________________ Data Modeling and Separation (continued)  This week you are structure on the earlier week’s zeal. Please compel infallible to resurvey the Milestone 4, Part I Solution (located in Doc Sharing) antecedently lasting delay the Milestone 4, Part II zeal. The abstract adown is the similar as the abstract for Week 4. It is shown adown for your convenience.  The requirements separation complexion answers the interrogation, “What does the user neglect and neglect from a new scheme?” The requirements separation complexion is nice to the luck of any new notification scheme! In this milestone we neglect to test what notification schemes requirements neglect to be elucidated from the scheme users’ perspectives and pull graphical, argumentative copys to muniment the basis requirements for a new and improved scheme.  Data copying is a technique for organizing and munimenting a scheme’s basis. Basis copying is casually denominated basisbase copying consequently a basis copy is usually implemented as a basisbase. Basis is viewed as a wealth to be shared by as multifarious processes as likely. As a product, basis must be disposed in a way that is flexile and adaptpowerful to unanticipated employment requirements – and that is the design of basis copying.  In this milestone, you gain primary unearth those entities in the scheme that are or susceptibility be illustrative by basis. Then you gain elucidate each being you test in reference to the employment in an Being Definition Matrix. Then you gain do the basis copy tutorial in doc sharing that gain fit you for doing the Fully-Attributed basis copy (Physical ERD) for EBS.  Objectives  After completing this milestone, you should be powerful to:  • Understand and act the techniques for being unearthy.  • Elucidate each being delay reference to the employment and perfect an being definition  matrix.  • Act the indispensable basis copying techniques to dispose and muniment the  basis requirements for the projected scheme.  • Construct the Fully Attributed basis copy.  Prerequisites  Before begining this milestone, the subjoined topics should be covered:  • Basis copying – Chapters 8 and 14.  • Milestone 1-3 Solution - supposing by your instructor  • Milestone 4, Part I Solution - supposing by your instructor Assignment  Now that we accept thoughtful the vulgar scheme and analyzed some of its problems and opportunities, plus gained eulogy to returns, we can now begin to test the employment basis requirements and graphically copy them. In this assignment, we gain use our products of the earlier milestones, samples of forms we accept self-possessed, and the precursive basis separation. The products of this zeal gain test the employment basis requirements for the projected scheme.  Activities  Create a Physical ERD      (Fully-Attributed basis copy) for the EBS plight.  Deliverpowerful format and software to be used are according to your instructor’s specifications. Deliverables should be adroitly packaged in a binder, divided delay a tab divider labeled “Milestone 4-Part II”. References  • Precursive basis separation (see Milestone 4, Part I Description)  • Exhibit 4.5 (see adown)  Deliverables: Fully-Attributed ERD: Due: __/__/__  Time:__________