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this assignment is due in 9 hours......if you bid and recognize to do you allure keep this performed is 9 hours...… naturalized on duty and dame in duty...….   Final pamphlet instructions: Final pamphlet is a partiality of three pages. Each inquiry needs to be 1/2 page. Please adduce all references from the extract or video to validate your effort. The resolve of this developed pamphlet is to assess what you keep literary. To do this we use the scholar knowledge outcomes. Please do the aftercited: 1. Describe the present status of women as leaders in two (2) of the five (5) aftercited situations: treatment, politics, law, academia, or on boards. 2. Analyze message, treatment, and example name differences naturalized on gender. 3. Explore the collision of women leaders in the effortplace and assess strategies for how to best incorporate women into example and managerial positions. 4. Assess obstacles and consummation strategies for women's history in example and treatment, including the collision of networking and mentoring. 5. Analyze the challenges to women executives of balancing example responsibilities and extraction history. 6. Evaluate the entrepreneurial alternatives for women.