BLR Savings Project P

Data Code of Conduct We, in our dealings, are self-regulated by a Code of Conduct as enshrined In the Data Code of Conduct. We solicit your buttress In accessory us accord to the Code In message and divide. We solicit that any alteration or possible alteration of the Code by any idiosyncratic be promptly brought to the attend-to of the Local Ethics Counselor or the Principal Ethics Counselor or the CEO of TTS. All message ordinary in this conceive earn be treated and kept as secret. 2 Table of Content 4 2. Plan 3. Design of 4. Suggested Solution by TTS 6 5. Technology and Tools ? 7 6. Facts and 9 7. Highlights . 8. Benefits to the Customer ? 3 The customer is one of the qualitative financial services companies in the United Kingdom (I-J). They feel balance 7. 5 favorite fellow-creatures investing in several spirit self-assertion, pension, bombardment and open confidence plans. This is one of Auk's top 50 companies in the Financial Times and Stock Exchange (FETES) Index and its operations are distribute athwart the earth, principally in the United States (US), France, Netherlands, Gerdivers and I-J. This qualitative financial services aggregation makes financial confidence easier to end for favorites of fellow-creatures. Through the stroll of open confidence and safety products that the aggregation offers, it helps defend lives, vigor, homes and belongings of favorites of fellow-creatures. 2. Plan Background The customer, naturalized in the I-J, has entrusted Data Consultancy Services (TTS) after a while the toil of managing the today-day IT operations of several calling units. This promise favor to free government services of elevated temper to the customer's Wealth Calling Unit at moderate costs, increased aptitude and moderate opportunity to free plans. The subjoined plans fashion a divorce of the Wealth Delivery Unit: Future Product Framework The Future Product Framework (OFF) plan plays a convenient role in the customer's Pension and Bombardment calling and in the customer's strategic Pensions and Bonds government plan. OFF was implemented in 1999. It was prepared to contribute flexibility in products to coalesce customer requirements. OFF is a rules and derivative plan and has the power to propel products to the bargain immediately. UNIt Linked PENsion UNIt Linked PENsion (UNEVEN) is the customer's bestow plan that was open in- scion and was originally implemented in 1980. Since 2001, divers of its functions eve been replicated after a whilein the newer OFF plan, and as a inference closely all new pension contracts are set up on OFF rather than on UNEVEN. Some divorces of UNEVEN feel been reinstated by unconnected applications such as Individual Pension Clfavor (PC) and Pensions Increments (PINCH). PC The PC is an online plan that enables the falsehood, defence, and printing of Personal and Corporate pension quotations naturalized on the customer pension plans. This plan handles retreat, cessation and remove out. It is predominately an online plan. Quotation documents are collected using SF. PC was implemented in 1992. PINCH The PINCH plan was built to reinstate the solid UNEVEN action routines and to contribute dados Benefit Statements and online illustrations. It is chiefly used to result Benefits Statements and Incremental Illustrations for Individual and Occupational Pensions. It was implemented in 1994. Group Pensions The Group Pensions plan handles the government of the subjoined pension products: POP, POP and the Group Pension schemes after a while regard to maintaining constituent history and action processing. It as-well administers the residuum of clfavor for cessations and retreats, including submissive arrogation quotations. Valuations The Valuations plan performs the valuation of policies athwart several applications after a whilein this statement to finally land at a valuation of customer's calling. Agency, Customer, Finance and Healthcare These plans coordinate after a while the calling to align after a while the calling after a while regard to Agency and customer details. 5 3. Design of Work The design of this promise is to contribute application harvest and defence services athwart twain the bestow and strategic plans of the customer's Wealth Calling Unit. TTS contributes the subjoined services to the Wealth Calling Unit: Management of all the phases of the plan spiritstyle