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   For this assignment, you accomplish want to warrant: 1. A detail model of technology that existed preceding to 2000 OR an peculiar who played a forcible role in the truth of technology. You may besides tender a theme relating the truth of technology that does not necessarily fit these categories but you craving to track. 2. A scanty article that provides an draft of your theme. 3. An sensational and descriptive title for your device. 4. Warrant at least 1 chief origin and at least 2 unimportant origins that you guile to use for your essay. 5. Include these origins in a unexceptionably formatted Bibliography. Clearly warrant which origins are chief and which origins are unimportant.  Remember to sustain your convergence as cramped as possible: less is past in this device. Be strong to thrive each plod listed aloft. Part of your track is unshaken by how well-mannered-mannered you can conform to the assignment directions. Once you accept submitted the Proposal, it accomplish be reliable or exceptional grounded on correctness. If exceptional, you must then resubmit a revised Proposal grounded on recommendations.