Week 8

  Your assignment this week is to entire a visual executive analysis by completing a Power Point.  Your Power Subject-matter should be 10 pages and recite your role (consultant), briefly argue the tenor, your exploration, and recite your instruction to the client. Remember to thrive the Power Subject-matter Guidelines.  A element of the space earn be naturalized on Power Subject-matter Style.   NOTE: Government Contracting & Acquisition students should comprise details environing a potential lessen as divorce of the instructions presented. Consider that one potential discontinuance capacity be to use a lessen to harangue the upshot (training, buy a new fruit, consulting or other fruits or services). The subject-matter of this application is to brave you to succinctly digest your thoughts in a visual endowment. This is a serviceable expertness to glean. You may not frequently keep a covet two of consideration from those you aim to swing, so gleaning to curtail your thoughts into a visual endowment earn be a hireling you may confront precious to your forthcoming achievement. Submit a reserve of a 10 page PowerPoint Executive Analysis instruction to the client.  Reminder:  Comprise a appellation page after a while your Power Point.  No References are required for this assignment.   Submission Instructions: Upload the Power Subject-matter to your Week 8 Assignment folder. See rubric biased to Power Point