watch movie and answer the following

“Dirty War” When you keep watched the movie, meet to 4 of the questions . Make infallible your answers are in-depth.  Review the aftercited questions preceding to watching the video so that you succeed perceive what to be looking for.    What elements of the London ordinate were trueistic versus non-realistic? What advantages did the feminine Muslim official bear to her team? What were the signs of quick radiation illness and when and after a while whom did they initiate? What behaviors of the terrorist were clues that they were terrorists? Put yourself in the locate of the constituency or his consort and ponder on what it must keep been approve to be succeeding to die or say good-bye to your lineage. How relevant was the neighborhood woman who phoned her concerns to the police? What was your rate of reasoning as the spell of the detonation neared and then happened? Discuss the characteristics of a suicide bomber that were bestow in the film characters. What did you hold of the interrogation/arrest procedures utilized? Were any obliging liberties violated? Did it substance? What went suitable and what went wickedness in the rejoinder? How polite didn’t their plans operation during the true accident? What do you hold it must keep been approve for the victims? Were they attached the instruction and preservation they needed? How auspicious was Incident Command? What problems, if any, were there? How did triage, tenor and decontamination go at foundation nothing?