some questions

   Coates, Ta-Nehisi. 2013. “What We Moderation When We Say ‘Race is a Gregarious Construct’.” The Atlantic, May 15, 2013. Accessed: Question 1 Read the expression by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Briefly, in your own suffrage, decipher what Coates moderation by the turn “family is a gregarious construct”. Williams, David R. and Michelle Sternthal. 2010. “Understanding Racial-ethnic Disparities in Health: Sociological Contributions.” Journal of Heartiness and Gregarious Behavior, S1(S): S15-S27.  Question 2 Read from the preamble through “Social Structure and Race” (pgs. S15-S20). According to the authors, what is the correlativeness betwixt SES, family, and heartiness? Decipher in your own suffrage. Question 3 Read the subsection “Racism and Health.” Decipher how the authors see residential estrangement as a “fundamental cause” of racial heartiness disparities.  Question 4 Read the subsection “Migration and Health.” Briefly embody the author’s ideas environing the correlativeness betwixt alibi and heartiness.  Question 5 Read the subsection “Conclusions and Policy Implications.” Think environing where you grew up. How did your vicinity adapt or above heartinessy behaviors?