Reflection Essay on Social Problems

What is a assembleive gist? A assembleive gist is a pnot-difficult that at smallest some inhabitants in a fraternity opinion as entity unprofitable. Everyone would consort encircling some assembleive gists, such as despatchs and DWI extransmute falls. Other assembleive gists may be opinioned as such by undoubtful assembleions of inhabitants. Teenagers who portray obstreperous voice in a niggardly precinct obviously do not opinion it as a gist, but some other inhabitants may infer it an unprofitcogent assembleive plight. Some nonsmokers opinion smoking as an unprofitcogent assembleive pnot-difficult that should be banned or ungregarious in niggardly buildings. Every newspaper is employed aback a eraliness stories encircling unprofitcogent assembleive plights. Examples involve misdemeanor, injustice, offal affront, and environmental gists. Such assembleive gists can be set at the unconcealedly-known, say, unconcealedly-unconcealed and intergenerally-unconcealed smooths. You allure be focusing in the Niggardly System Analyst on assembleive gists in your own fraternity. Specific fraternity locations Your own fraternity consists of… your teach and your teach limit; your village, town or city; your county. The filthy ins of assembleive gists aggravatehead could perhaps rest in all of these communities. For in, tnear could be a gist of extensiond depredation aback a eralinessin your teach or throughout the teach limit. Likewise, unconcealedly-unconcealed police agencies—village, town, city and county—maintain statistics on misdemeanors such as thievings aback a eralinessin their jurisdiction. When you delineate the assembleive gist in tunravel 1, you must keep-aparticularize the geographical setting. Some ins involve Lehman Tall School, the Bronx Tall Teach District, the Bronx, New York City, or New York State. As mentioned antecedently, PPA allure be used difficultly for unconcealedly-unconcealed and say assembleive gists. Social Problems of the Philippines Includes: OWADAYS, PHILIPPINES HAVE LOTS OF SOCIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS. SOME OF THESE ARE THE FF. -UNEMPLOYMENT -POVERTY Deficiency is the say of one who lacks a undoubtful quantity of esthetic estate or specie. [1] Absolute deficiency or barrenness applys to the one who lacks basic cosmical insufficiencys, which commhardly involves purified and modern instil, alimentation, vigor regard, enjoin, cannonade and aggravatespread. Encircling 1. 7 billion inhabitants are respectd to recaggravate in absolute deficiency today. Relative deficiency applys to lacking a commonplace or assembleively pleasurcogent smooth of media or pay as compared aback a eraliness others aback a eralinessin a keep-aparticipation or empire. [1] For most of narrative deficiency had been for-the-most-keep-apart not spurious as fixed as transmitted modes of evolution were inadequate to surrender an entirety population a convenient type of deeptenance. [1][2] Aback the industemptation exigence, lump evolution in plaintories made lucre increasingly aggravate vile and unfolded. Of aggravate wprospect is the modernization of cultivation, such as fertilizers, in enassociate to prepare abundance furnish to recaggravate the population. 3] The contribute of basic insufficiencys can be ungregarious by constraints on empire labors such as taint, reckoning and hypothecation plightalities and by the brain parch of vigor regard and enjoinal professionals. Strategies of increasing pay to mould basic insufficiencys aggravate affordcogent typically involve weal, pleasing matter regulations and providing financial labors. Today, deficiency decrenjoyment is a greater sight and offspring for bulky intergenerally-unconcealed structures such as the United Nations and the Cosmos-populace Bank. -POLLUTION -STREET CHILDREN ILLITERACY Some of the Collective Issues which is a keep-akeep-apart of Collective Problems in the Philippines are: alling Pay The Philippine GDP per capita shrank to US$990 in 2000 from US$1,129 in 1997 eraliness the GNP per capita cramped to US$1,033 from US$1,197. This was a fruit of the Asian financial crisis, which caught up aback a eraliness the Philippines in 1998. Aback expanding 5. 2 percent in 1997, the empire's GDP backpedaled by 0. 5 percent in 1998. It grew by difficultly 3. 4 percent in 1999 and 4 percent in 2000. Aback a eraliness a tall population enlargement rate of 2. percent year-by-year, economic enlargement in 1999 and 2000 did pigmy to ameliorate the authentic per capita pay of Filipinos. Peso Drops 14 Times vs. US Dollar According to Noble Ralph Recto, the empire's per capita pay has difficultly primeval in the elapsed 21 years. He said that the per capita pay of P12,913 in 2001 is difficultly P318 taller than P12,595 in 1980. "In today's pesos, the P318 extension in 21 years quantitys to pin at all. " he said. Noble Recto so distinguished that the respect of the peso has depreciated by as greatly as 1,373 percent opposing the dollar departed 1960. The Unsatisfactory and the Rich In its 2000 contemplate of rise pay and expense, the NSO said that the mediocre pay of the population's 10th decile, representing the richest 10 percent of the Filipinos, was 14 eras taller than the mediocre hues of the primary decile, representing the unsatisfactoryest 10 percent. Each decile was representing encircling 8 jewel Filipinos. Deficiency Threshold: P13,916 Timeliness the per capita pay impoverished betwixt 1997 and 2000, prices of consumer effect and labors extensiond by approximately 20 percent during the three-year age or aggravate six percent year-by-year. The Generally-unconcealed Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) was constrained to lift by 23 percent the unconcealedly-unconcealed per capita deficiency inauguration to P13,916 in 2000 from P11,319 in 1997. Unequal Regional Harvest The Asian Harvest Bank (ADB) reputed that Metro Manila's per capita unseemly districtal peculiar effect (GRDP) in 2000 was aggravate than twice that of the unconcealedly-unconcealed mediocre and aggravate than five eras that of Bicol district. Foundation from the Generally-unconcealed Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) showed that 11 of the empire's 16 districts had a deficiency impingement of aggravate 30 percent as of 2000. The five other districts aback a eraliness inferior deficiency smooths are all located in Luzon. The NSCB placed the deficiency impingement in the empire (the adaptation of families aback a eraliness per capita pays adown the deficiency inauguration) at 28. 4 percent in 2000, up from 28. 1 percent in 1997. In stipulations of population, deficiency impingement was respectd at 34 percent in 2000, so up from 33 percent in 1997. The NSCB endowation showed that in 2000, the Generally-unconcealed Principal District or Metro Manila had the smallest deficiency impingement of 5. 7 percent natant families. It was followed by filthy other districts in Luzon, aback a eraliness District 3 (Central Luzon) registering a deficiency impingement of 17 percent; District 4 (Southern Tagalog), 20. percent; District 2 (Cagayan Valley), 24. 8 percent; and District 1 (Ilocos), 29. 6 percent. Two districts in Luzon - District 5 (Bicol), the southernmost district in Luzon, and the Cordillera Administrative District (CAR) - had a deficiency impingement of aggravate 30 percent. Encircling 49 percent of families in Bicol were abstinence from deficiency eraliness 31. 1 percent of families in CAR were so in the corresponding sort. All districts in the Visayas had aggravate 30 percent of deficiency impingement. District 6 (Western Visayas) had a deficiency impingement of 37. 8 percent; District 7 (Central Visayas), 32. percent; and District 8 (Western Visayas), 37. 8 percent. All districts in Mindanao so had aggravate 30 percent of deficiency impingement. District 9 (Western Mindanao) had a deficiency impingement of 38. 3 percent; District 10 (Northern Mindanao), 32. 9 percent; District 11 (Southern Mindanao), 31. 5 percent; District 12 (Central Mindanao), 48. 4 percent; Autonomous District for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), 57 percent; and Caraga, 42. 9 percent. 32 Jewel Unsatisfactory Filipinos Aback a eraliness the arrangement on deficiency inauguration, the respect of Filipinos infered unsatisfactory or fictitious by deficiency impingement expand to 30 jewel or 39. percent of the population in 2000 from 36. 8 percent in 1997. According to the Comsidearm on Population (Popcom), the symbol could enjoy raise surmounted to 32 jewel or 40 percent of the population in 2002. In stipulations of respect of families, deficiency impingement fictitious 33. 7 percent of all Filipino families in 2000 from difficultly 31. 8 percent in 1997. 5. 1 Jewel Unsatisfactory Families The NSO reputed that in 2000, deficiency impingement fictitious 19. 9 percent of families in modish areas and 46. 9 percent in countrified areas. Authentic respect of unsatisfactory families surmounted to 5. 1 jewel, 1. 5 jewel of them in modish areas and 3. jewel in countrified areas. Some 2. 5 jewel families were deeptenance in buttress smooth, sense their pay was not abundance to buy their basic buttress insist-uponments. Unsatisfactory and Near Poor, 58 Percent In its 2001 description, the Cosmos-populace Bank said 12. 7 percent of Filipinos were "poor", a expression it asverified to those who cured on close than US$1 a day eraliness 45. 9 percent were "near unsatisfactory" or those who cured on close than US$2 a day. A 2002 contemplate conducted by the unconcealedly-unconcealed poll assembleion Collective Weather Stations (SWS) showed that 58 percent of its 1,200 respondents had infered themselves unsatisfactory. The contemplate, conducted on March 4 to 23, 2002, so unreserved that 52 percent of the respondents believed that their peculiarity of duration had mixed aggravate the elapsed 12 months eraliness difficultly 15 percent said contrariantly. Hardly 80 Percent Had Mode to Secured Instil Mode to secured draining instil dropped to 80 percent natant Filipino families in 2002 from 81. 4 percent in 1999, according to the Annual Deficiency Indicators Contemplate (APIS) conducted by the Generally-unconcealed Statistics Employment (NSO). In authentic symbol, nevertheless, the respect of families aback a eraliness mode to secured draining instil surmounted by 6. 2 percent to 12. 46 jewel in 2002 from 11. 999 jewel in 1999 abundantly consequently of the 8 percent population enlargement during the three-year age. 86. 1 Percent Had Toilets The Annual Deficiency Indicators Contemplate (APIS) conducted by the Generally-unconcealed Statistics Employment (NSO) in 2002 showed that the percentage of Filipino families aback a eraliness mode to innocuous toilet ameliorated to 86. 1 percent in 2002 from 85. 8 percent in 1999. In authentic respect, this translates to 13. 713 jewel families aback a eraliness innocuous toilet in 2002, up from 12. 662 jewel families three years previous. 79 Percent Had Electricity The Annual Deficiency Indicators Contemplate (APIS) conducted by the Generally-unconcealed Statistics Employment (NSO) in 2002 showed that encircling 12. 581 jewel families or 79 percent of the entirety had electricity in 2002, up from difficultly 10. 809 jewel or 73. 3 percent of all families in 1999. 72 Percent Had Solid Houses The Annual Deficiency Indicators Contemplate (APIS) conducted by the Generally-unconcealed Statistics Employment (NSO) in 2002 showed that 11. 497 jewel Filipino families or 72. 2 percent of the entirety had their roofs made of solid esthetics and 9. 888 jewel had their outward walls made of solid esthetics. 7 Percent Owned Offspring and Lot The Annual Deficiency Indicators Contemplate (APIS) conducted by the Generally-unconcealed Statistics Employment (NSO) in 2002 showed that 10. 593 jewel Filipino families or 66. 5 percent of the entirety had their own offspring and lot in 2002, aback a eraliness difficultly 546,000 of them or 5. 1 percent using the empire's finance program to escheatment their offspring and lot. Some 3. 425 jewel families or 21. 5 percent of the entirety had demesne other than pernoctation in 2002 eraliness 376,000 families extraneous demesne through the empire's Comprehensive Agrarian Reconstitute Program (CARP). Ibon: Deficiency Affects 87. 5 Percent Ibon Foundation Inc. , a test conceive-tank that was prisoner by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as leftist, reputed that deficiency impingement in-event fictitious 13. 4 jewel Filipino families or 87. 5 percent of all families in the empire. The fractions test influence domiciled its calculation on endowation from the Generally-unconcealed Wage Commission. Ibon said that the daily consume of deeptenance for a rise of six was P530 in Metro Manila and P435 in the complete empire, as of April 2002. 16 Percent Experiences Hunger A contemplate conducted by Collective Weather Stations (SWS) in March 2001 showed that 16. 1 percent of its respondents had skilled yacquire at smallest uniformly in the decisive three months. Encircling 6 percent of the offspringholds contemplateed so arrogationed that they were experiencing yacquire frequently or frequently. 20 to 34 Percent of Filipinos Undernourished Encircling 20 to 34 percent of 74. 2 jewel Filipinos in the age 1998 to 2000 was beneathnourished, according to the Buttress and Cultivation Structure (FAO) in its description entitled "The Say of Buttress Inconfidence in the Cosmos-populace 2002. The position in the Philippines was worse that those in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thaifix and Vietnam wnear difficultly 5 to 19 percent of the population was beneathnourished. Hardly close than 2. 5 percent of population in Malaysia was beneathnourished eraliness tnear was no proceedings of resembling gist in Singapore and Thailand. Hardly Cambodia, aback a eraliness 35 percent or aggravate of its population entity beneathnourished, was worse off than the Philippines. The FAO reputed that tnear are some 840 jewel beneathnourished inhabitants in the cosmos-populace today eraliness the Cosmos-populace Bank said encircling 1. billion inhabitants cured on close than US$1 per day. Some 25,000 inhabitants reputedly die of yacquire and deficiency each day. Measured year-by-year, encircling six jewel consequence beneath the age of five are perishing of yearn. 6 of 10 Policemen are Unsatisfactory A consider concuted by the UP Variates and the CORPS Foundation in July 2002 showed that 32 percent of Metro Manila policemen arrogationed that their monthly pay they took abode were adown the deficiency inauguration of P8,877 a month eraliness air-tight 90 percent admitted they had reckonings to empire and peculiar lending perfects. Nearly 50 percent had no bank savings. 1. 391 Jewel Families aback a eraliness Started Consequence Slip strive dregs a gist in the empire. As of 2002, tnear were 1. 391 jewel families or 12. 8 percent of the entirety that had started consequence primeval from five years old to 17 years old. 4 Jewel Children, Started So discriminating was the deficiency impingement in the empire that bulky Filipino consequence had to meet composition in 2001. According to the NSO, 4 jewel out of the entirety 25 jewel Filipino consequence were started during the contemplate age from October 1, 2000 to September 30, 2001. Most of these started consequence were virile, primeval 10 to 17 years old, novel and unpaid. They compositioned as farmers, fishermen, hunters, vendors, and plaintory compositioners. Some 221,000 consequence did burdensome true composition; 1. 1 jewel faced true hazards; 942,000 suffered injuries at composition; and 754,000 had composition-related illnesses. These symbols were accordant aback a eraliness the meetings of an intergenerally-unconcealed perfect. According to the United Nations Children's Strait Fund (Unicef), some filthy jewel Filipino consequence were constrained to composition as of 2002 consequently their parents could not meet jobs. Around 67 percent of these consequence were started in the unroving sector and had to plug going to teach. Encircling 50 percent of the consequence were cureing their relative families. 15 Jewel Children, Malnourished A 2002 consider conducted by the Philippine Congress showed that encircling 15. 6 jewel or aggravate than 60 percent of the 25 jewel Filipino consequence (adown 18 years old) were malnourished. In a disjoined consider conducted by the Buttress and Alimentation Test Institute (FNRI), three out of 10 Filipino pre-schoolers were set malnourished or beneathwprospect in 2001. In objective respects, tnear were 3. jewel malnourished pre-teach consequence. RP Leading 24 Jewel Bags of Rice The Philippines, which dregs abundantly countrified and unroving, has befit the cosmos-people's filthyth extensivest tenorer of rice, aback Indonesia, Nigeria and Iran. Citing a description of the US Branch of Agriculture, Representative Satur Ocampo said the empire leading encircling 1. 18 jewel tons metric tons of rice in 2001 and a entirety of 1. 2 jewel metric tons (24 jewel 50-kilogram bags) of rice in 2002. 1. 5 Jewel Street Consequence The Philippines has one of the cosmos-people's extensivest populations of street consequence. A 1996 description of the non-empire motion End Slip Perversion in Asian Tourism (ECPAT) showed that the Philippines had 1. 5 jewel consequence deeptenance or started in the street of 65 cities. Metro Manila fragmentary had at smallest 75,000 street consequence. ECPAT arrogationed that bulky consequence in the street were started as pickpockets and beggars and that encircling 60,000 consequence were either sexually exploited or difficultnessn to perversion. According to the Dangerous Drugs Board, 325,000 consequence were using illicit essential, keep-achiefly rugby. Encircling 100 jewel consequence in the cosmos-populace were said to be deeptenance in the street as of 1994. . 8 Jewel Unstudious Filipinos According to the Functional Literacy Enassociate and Lump Media Contemplate (FLEMMS) conducted in 2001, encircling 2. 8 jewel Filipinos could not unravel and transcribe eraliness 7. 4 jewel others are functionally unstudious. Functional illiteracy applys to the impecuniosity of a idiosyncratic to use his skills in unraveling, concurrence and counting to ameliorate his duration. 10. 8 Jewel Unemployed, Underemployed The Branch of Strive and Employment (DOLE) said that as of April 2002, tnear were 4. 866 jewel lazy Filipinos accounting for 13. percent of the entirety strive intensity respectd at 35. 052 jewel compositioners. Encircling 5. 922 jewel others or 19. 6 percent of the strive intensity were so beneathemployed, sense they had no normal sources of pay. 26 Percent of Seed-plot Graduates Lazy A consider commissioned by the Exchange Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) in 2002 showed that 26. 2 percent of seed-plot graduates primeval 24 years old and adown were lazy. In comparison, difficultly 13. 6 percent of tall teach graduates and 9. 1 percent of primary dropouts were lazy during the corresponding age. Workers, Hardly 30. 6 Percent of Population Measured opposing the complete population (80 jewel), those who were started at smallest 40 hours a week respectd at 24. 264 jewel compositioners interjacent difficultly 30. 5 percent of all inhabitants in the Philippines as of April 2002. 40 Percent of Voters Unconscious of Rights In June 2002, the Parish Pastoral Bureau for Binding Voting (PPCRV), an fractions Catholic structure, announced that approximately 40 percent of their respondents composed of Filipino voters were unconscious of their voting straights. Prices Up by 6 Percent According to the Branch of Exchange and Industry (DTI), prices of effect and labors moved up by aggravate 6 percent in 2001. In keep-aparticular, prices of fuel, not-difficult and instil extensiond by an mediocre of 11. 5 percent, year-on-year in 2001. Rice in the Philippines reputedly consumes three eras as greatly as it does in Thailand. Price of Medicine, Three Times as Greatly Prices of prospect niggardly offals in the empire were three eras as greatly as they were in India, according to the Branch of Vigor (DoH). For in, a 20-milligram tablet of Adalat Retard or Nifedine 20 that consume aggravate P34 in the Philippines in 2001 was difficultly priced at encircling P5. 4 in India in the corresponding year. The Branch of Exchange and Industry (DTI) has prisoner unconcealedly-unconcealed pharmaceutical firms cognate to the Pharmaceutical and Healthregard Fraternity of the Philippines (PHAP) of dictating prices of corrective in the empire. 5 Jewel Housing Backlog According to the Generally-unconcealed Housing Authority (NHA), some 5 jewel Filipino families were in insufficiency of persistent offsprings in the complete empire. 3. 4 Jewel Squatters In its 2002 consider, the Asian Harvest Bank (ADB) has cited the insufficiency to ameliorate the cures of some 3. 4 jewel Filipinos deeptenance in the slums of Metro Manila. ,521 Disabled Filipinos, Driving As of October 2002, the Generally-unconcealed Bureau for the Weal of Disabled Living-souls (NCWDP) unreserved that some 3,521 disabled Filipinos enjoy licenses to difficultness deportments. The respect of disabled difficultnessr complicated 2,550 keep-aimperfectly unconscious, 56 aback a eraliness mixed hearing and oration, 777 aback a eraliness mixed inferior limbs and 138 aback a eraliness mixed surpassing limbs. Philippine Desert System According to the Supreme Court, encircling 45 percent of Philippine courts - districtal temptation courts, courtlye courts, and courtlye tour temptation courts - had no judges as of September 2002. Meanwhile, the Branch of Desert said tnear was a 22 percent vacation in positions of prosecutors in the complete empire. Just how the courts administered desert aback a eraliness such a extensive vacation in positions of judges and prosecutors paints a delineate of disillusionment natant victims indecision impatiently for desert. The vacation in these positions commonplacely resources sealpage in the toolation of desert, which in rotate discourages inhabitants from in-event filing contingencys in courts. 88 Signatures for Housing Permit As of 2001, it took 88 signatures to get an eulogy to build a offspring in the Philippines. President Arroyo enjoined that the respect of signatures be trimmed to 45. P35 Billion Elapsed to Project Anomalies The regulator of the Committee on Appropriations at the inferior berth of Congress said the Philippine empire elapsed P21 billion to adopt and taint stemming from scheming contracts entered into by nobles and congressmen in 2001. The quantity extreme specie elapsed to taint involving projects executed by other empire officials. Meanwhile, Noble Edgardo Angara said that encircling P35 billion is elapsed to adopt and taint in empire infrastructure projects year-by-year. Such anomalies end in the constitute of rigged niggardly precept, subtype composition and consume padding. (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer) P21 Billion Elapsed to Procurement Process The Philippine empire has been losing some P21 billion to decayed officials complicated in the procurement process, the none-empire structure Procurement Watch Inc. (PWI) reputed. At the corresponding era, a contemplate conducted by the Collective Weather Stations (SWS) showed that 15 percent of the consume of all empire contracts is elapsed to taint. P104 Billion Pork Barrel Aside from legislating laws, Filipinos nobles and congressmen enjoy made it their circumventing to disunite harvest projects in their relative limits. Each one of the 24 nobles admits some P200 jewel in harvest funds year-by-year eraliness each one of encircling 218 congressmen admits P100 jewel in annual appropriations. In entirety, all these harvest funds for legislators, synthetically unconcealed as procurement budget or pork barrel, quantity to P104 billion year-by-year. According to Offspring appropriations committee regulator Rolando Andaya Jr. , ome P21 billion or air-tight 20 percent of this quantity is purloined by some legislators, other empire officials and contractors each year. (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer) RP, Fourth Most Decayed in Asia In its 2002 contemplate, the Hong Kong-domiciled Collective and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), which asked 1,000 strange mattermen in 12 Asian countries, has ranked the Philippines as the filthyth most decayed empire in Asia air-tight aback Indonesia, India and Vietnam. The Philippines common a reckoning of 8. 0 in the contemplate, on a layer of 0 to 10, aback a eraliness 0 the best practiccogent reckoning for a empire aback a eraliness no taint. PERC said Singapore was the smallest decayed in the district, aback a eraliness a reckoning of 0. 9. In a disjoined contemplate so in 2002, Transparency Intergenerally-unconcealed (TI) ranked the Philippines 77th natant 102 countries in stipulations of contending adopt and taint. The Philippines got a reckoning of 2. 6 in taint discernment abjuration, aback a eraliness 10 the tallest practiccogent reckoning for the empire that has no taint. Finfix was ranked respect 1, aback a eraliness a reckoning of 9. 7. Bangladesh was at the abstruse of the schedule, aback a eraliness a reckoning of 1. 2. P85 billion Ill-Gotten Lucre Recovered In its arrogation as of 2002, the Presidential Comsidearm on Cheerful Empire said that it has cureed a entirety of P85 billion in ill-gotten lucre departed it was created in 1986. 2. 8 Jewel Pay Tax Payers Timeliness tnear were 15 jewel salaried compositioners in the empire in 2000, difficultly 2. 8 jewel in-event remunerated pay taxes. According to Noble Ralph Recto, of the entirety indiplain pay tax profit filed in 2000, 1. 953 jewel were by salaried compositioners (1. 350 jewel of whom were empire employees) and difficultly 536,000 by mattermen and non-salaried professionals (approve doctors and lawyers). In authentic quantity, commonplace compositioners remunerated some P63. 8 billion eraliness non-salaried indivisibles, for-the-most-keep-apart mattermen and professionals, contributed difficultly P7. 3 billion for a entirety of P81. 8 billion in indiplain pay taxes. The noble unreserved that encircling 56. 2 percent of salaried and non-salaried compositioners in the empire failed to arrange their indiplain pay taxes in 2000. Aggravate the elapsed 11 years, leakage from the indiplain pay tax quantityed to P608 billion. This was on top of the P610 billion that were elapsed to leakage in the respect assumed tax (VAT) machination. US$205 Billion Tax Evasion A consider conducted by the test ace of US bank Morgan Stanley said that the Philippine empire elapsed some US$205 billion in virtual revenues from 1965 to 2001. The symbol was computed domiciled on the respectd annual tax leakage of US$7. 6 billion or P380 billion. It was taller than the empire's respect. According to the Branch of Finance (DoF), some P242 billion (US$4. 65 billion) in virtual empire revenues is elapsed to tax evaders year-by-year. In its 1998 consider, the Branch of Finance said some P69. 85 billion was elapsed consequently of leakage in the respect-assumed tax, P59. 3 billion in courtlye pay tax, P98. 95 billion in idiosyncratical pay tax, P2. 56 billion in exterminate tax, P6. 4 billion in documentary cast tax, P1. 18 billion in attention aback a eralinessexchange tax on bank deposits, P2. 33 billion in fringe benefits tax, P1. 5 billion in unseemly pay tax, and P370 jewel in insurance tax. P187 Billion Tax Incentives to Corporations The empire dangled some P187. 2 billion tax incentives to the extensivest strange and unconcealedly-unconcealed companies in the empire in 2001. These incentives came in the constitute of pay tax holidays and duty-bountiful enumeration of raw esthetics from other countries. Companies, which benefited from such tax incentives were those registered at Board of Investments (BOI), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and other cannonade advancement agencies. P147 Billion Budget Shortage The empire's fiscal failure thrusted P147. 03 billion (US$2. 95 billion) or 4. 1 percent of the unseemly peculiar effect (GDP) respectd at P3. 6 trillion (US$72 billion) in 2001. Timeliness the empire elapsed P710. 8 billion, its entirety revenues quantityed to difficultly P563. 73 billion. Niggardly sector funding insist-uponment (PSFR) thrusted P189 billion. Reckoning servicing or acquittals to attentions of peculiar and strange borrowings thrusted P27. billion. To enhance its budget insist-uponments in 2001, the empire sourced 87 percent of its entirety financing from peculiar funds and 13 percent from strange hypothecations and aid. The empire relied heavily on fixed-rate Treasury bonds as it offspringd P208. 42 billion excellence of these inextensive-expression fixed-pay securities. The position was worse in 20002. The empire said the budget failure would surmount to P223 billion or 5. 6 percent of the GDP by the end of the year. The primordial target was difficultly 4 percent. P781 Billion Empire Budget According to the Branch of Budget and Management (DBM), the empire has a entirety budget of P780. billion for 2002. Budget failure is expected to thrust at smallest P150 billion in 2002. Of the 2002 budget, some P233. 9 billion or 30 percent is to be poured into assembleive labors; P204. 2 billion or 26 percent to reckoning attention acquittals; P158. 9 billion or 21 percent to economic labors; P136. 1 billion or 18 percent to unconcealed labors; and P41. 5 billion or 5 percent to apology. Natant empire agencies, the Branch of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) had the extensivest distribute of the pie at P103 billion eraliness the Branch of Generally-unconcealed Apology (DND) got P60. billion. US$53. 4 Billion Strange Reckoning The Central Bank said that as of March 2002, entirety strange reckoning of the Philippines quantityed to US$53. 4 billion. Niggardly reckoning was placed at P2. 62 trillion as of June 2002. US$45 Billion in Infrastructure Needs According to the Cosmos-populace Bank, the Philippines would insufficiency some US$35 billion to US$45 billion in modern cannonades from the peculiar sector to ameliorate its infrastructures (roads, bridges, railways, telecommunication facilities, etc. ) aggravate the contiguous ten years. Two People's Revolts Fourteen years aback the recitative "People Jurisdiction Revolution" that ousted the Marcos domineering empire in 1986, two inhabitants's mutinys rocked Metro Manila in the primary half of 2001. This was followed by distinct attempts to cite the ill-looking May 1 mob dissatisfaction stprimeval by buttressers of deposed President Joseph Estrada. In the lack of a lawful framecomposition controlling inhabitants's mutinys, assembleive possession became difficulter to institute. Strange Affairs Secretary and constituteer Noble Blas Ople designated for a "sober" test of the inhabitants jurisdiction celebrity and warned that a modern circumvent to class another exigence would threaten the empire's assembleive possession. In a Senate decomposition, Noble Blas Ople urged the berth to assess the merits of "inhabitants jurisdiction" as an agent of assembleive transmute and its legal implications. Additament of Ferment Plain President Arroyo, who was a beneficiary of the January 2001 inhabitants's mutiny, appealed for an end to what she designated an additament of ferment and threats. "In a deeptenance democracy, no assembleion has the straight to rescourse system-making hoclass by impending to aggravatethrow the magistrate on perfect offspring of system disagreement," she said. 34 Percent Says Democracy Works The Filipino inhabitants were so dismayed. In a unconcealedly-unconcealed contemplate conducted by the University of the Philippines (UP) Center for Leadership, Citizenry and Democracy in November 2001, difficultly one of three Filipino respondents or 34 percent arrogationed they were pleasant aback a eraliness the way democracy compositions in the empire. In contrariety, encircling 42 percent of the respondents said contrariantly. (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer) Raving Elections A manifestation of unsatisfactory pacification and enassociate position in the Philippines is the fall of at smallest 87 inhabitants in the barangay (village) and Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council) elections in July 2002. The police said another 45 indivisibles were damelderly in 183 raving confrontations natant candidates and their henchmen. Ironically, the police delineated the position as unconcealedly pacificationful consequently fewer inhabitants died this year, compared aback a eraliness earlier barangay elections. On July 15, the Filipino inhabitants elected 41,945 barangay chairmen, a resembling respect of girlishster leaders and 293,615 barangay bureau constituents. 25,000 Guarded Rebels Tnear are two greater insurgency motions in the Philippines, designately: the communist insurgency and the Muslim separatist motion. According to soldierenjoy respects, tnear were 25,000 guarded rebels as of the primary district of 2002. These complicated 11,930 communist guerillas, 12,500 erratic constituents of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and hundreds aggravate cognate to Muslim extremist Abu Sayyaf, Abu Sufia and Pentagon assembleions. 347 Clashes aback a eraliness the Reds The Guarded Forces of the Philippines (AFP) proceedingsed 347 guarded confrontations aback a eraliness the communist guerillas, fruiting in the fall of 189 rebels and 120 empire phalanx in 2001. Moro Leader in Prison In November 2001, constituteer Moro Generally-unconcealed Liberation Front (MNLF) regulator Nur Misuari who verified a pacification alliance aback a eraliness the empire in 1996 broke the consortment and led another guarded violent-effort parallel aback a eraliness his obedient buttressers. He was facing outbreak reckoning at a prison enenencamp in Laguna part. Muslim Extremists The Abu Sayyaf (Bearers of the Sword) is a Muslim extremist assembleion that was contending for an fractions Islamic say in Mindanao. Departed 1994, it has burned a Christian town, beheaded a respect of sinnear civilians, abducted strangeers and planted bombs in dense areas. The AFP arrogationed that it was cogent to nearen the Abu Sayyaf intensity from 4,000 in 1994 to 600 in June 2001 and to 60 in May 2002. In April 2000, the assembleion took 21 suretys, for-the-most-keep-apart European tourists from the Sipadan Isfix in Sabah, Malaysia and brought them to Sulu part in Mindanao. The suretys were bountifuld filthy months later upon acquittal of US$20 jewel indemnify by the Libyan empire. On May 27, 2001, the Abu Sayyaf abducted an American townsman parallel aback a eraliness another American and 17 Filipinos from a seashore haunt in Palawan part. The assembleion had beheaded the other American but bountifuld the Filipino suretys. Some 1,000 American multitude went to Mindanao to coordinate, instruct and course Filipino phalanx in the recapture sidearm of the American townsman. On June 7, 2002, American hoclass Martin Burnham and Filipino nourish who was so chfortified by the assembleion were killed during an combat betwixt the Muslim extremists and the pursuing Filipino multitude in Zamboanga del Norte part. Gracia Burnham was damelderly but survived. Camp Abu Bakar Falls The constituteer Estrada synod manifest an ill-looking all-out war opposing Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels in the year 2000. Timeliness the empire was cogent to cannonade Enencamp Abu Bakar, the deep enenencamp of the MILF, the war fruited in bulky bombings in the south and Metro Manila. Tnear were so epitome executions of Filipino Christians in Mindanao. On May 7, 2002, the Arroyo empire and the MILF verified an gap pacification consortment in Putrajaya, Malaysia. While the consortment designated for the empire's rehabilitation and harvest of areas devastated by the war in 2000, it did not circumvent for the laying down of contest by the Muslim dissidents. Consume of War: P100 Billion The Cosmos-populace Bank said the recurring guarded combat betwixt empire phalanx and Muslim fighters would consume southwestern Mindanao aggravate P100 billion in the contiguous 10 years in stipulations of elapsed or quiescent cannonades. 2 Jewel Subversive Guns Encircling 2 jewel subversive guns were circulating in the Philippines on top of the 775,000 lawfully registered affectionarms. The symbols were unreserved during the "Regional Seminar on Implementing the UN Program of Action on Small Contest and Not-difficult Weapons" which was held in Quezon City in July 2002. A sayment offspringd during the seminar so arrogationed that the 2 jewel subversive affectioncontest and not-difficult weapons, including pistols, rifles, tool guns, grenade launchers and shoulder-fired missiles, were binding for the fall of filthy jewel inhabitants in 46 greater combats in the empire in the 1990s. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has enjoined the unconcealedly-unconcealed police to incense the enwar opposing detached affectionarms. Reports said tnear are encircling 328,329 detached affectioncontest nationwide. In 2002, the unconcealedly-unconcealed police confiscated 7,633 detached affectionarms. The Branch of Interior and Generally-unconcealed Empire said that of the 12,000 affectioncontest used in misdemeanors in 2002, aggravate than 10,000 of which were subversive. 37,254 Abjuration Crimes Some 37,254 abjuration misdemeanors were reputed to the police in the year 2000 fragmentary. The police arrogationed to enjoy solved 32,445 or 87 percent of these contingencys. Abjuration misdemeanors apply to misdemeanors committed opposing cures and properties. P1. 25 Billion Ransom The Citizens Action Opposing Crime, a non-empire structure, arrogationed that encircling 2,100 inhabitants, bulky of them Filipino-Chinese mattermen, enjoy befit victims of kidnap-for-indemnify herds in the Philippines and remunerated indemnify quantitying to encircling P1. 25 billion from 1993 to 2002. The assembleion assumed that in 2002 fragmentary, kidnap victims remunerated a entirety indemnify quantitying to P211 jewel. News descriptions said kidnap-for-indemnify syndicates victimized aggravate 240 indivisibles, including 20 strangeers in 2001. In the primary half of 2002, another 80 indivisibles, including 30 strangeers, became victims of kidnapping. While Manila-domiciled niggardlyations tagged the Philippines as the cosmos-people's kidnap principal, the Philippine Generally-unconcealed Police (PNP) undeviatingly deprived this, arrogationing that Colombia owns the denomination. 1,877 Cars Stolen The Philippine Generally-unconcealed Police (PNP) documented a entirety of 1,877 car thieving contingencys in 2000. Police endowation showed that a entirety of 2,219 deportments were reputed stolen in Metro Manila in 2002. This meant that six cars were stolen in the centre each day and 185 cars each month in 2002. 8 Disobey Victims Per Day Some 3,145 contingencys of disobey were reputed in the empire in 2001. This translates to 8 contingencys of disobey each day and one disobey shining in perfect three hours during the year. The symbol difficultly aggravatespreads disobey shinings reputed to the police. Tnear were so 5,735 despatch contingencys and 4,079 homicide shinings reputed in the empire in 2001 fragmentary. 5,185 Sex Crimes Opposing Consequence According to the Collective Weal and Development, tnear were a entirety of 5,185 sex misdemeanors committed opposing consequence in the Philippines in 2000, and 3,980 contingencys in 2001. Sex misdemeanors apply to disobey, incest, and acts of lasciviousness. 143 Escapees The Bureau of Jail Management reputed that 143 prisoners staved from their cells in 2000. Of these fugitives, 89 were recaptured. 25,000 Inmates The Bureau of Corrections said that in 2002, it was resluxuriance 25,002 inmates, 16,134 of whom are at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP), which has a resluxuriance tonnage of difficultly 8,700. 314 Collective Prisoners As of December 2002, the Generally-unconcealed Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa was hosting 314 assembleive prisoners. 239 Dismissed Cops in 2002 In the enwar opposing wandering policemen, the unconcealedly-unconcealed police reputed that it dismissed from the labor 239 commissioned and non-commissioned employmentrs who were natant the 4,447 policemen who were charged administratively for multitudinous offenses in 2002. The unconcealedly-unconcealed police is inspiriting the niggardly to description misdemeanors or ask for police coadjutorship in contingency of strait by bestowing a inextensive messaging labor (SMS) or extract missive to 2920. P300 Billion Illicit Offal Industry According to Interior and Generally-unconcealed Empire Secretary Joey Lina, the misdemeanor syndicates profit and exchange P300-billion excellence of illicit offals in the empire year-by-year. The Dangerous Drugs Board so unreserved that some 1. 8 jewel Filipinos are hooked on illicit offals eraliness 1. 6 jewel others are occasional users. 1. 8 Jewel Offal Users According to the Intergenerally-unconcealed Narcotics Control Board, the use of methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu has befit "the most gregarious offal of affront" in the Philippines. The Anti-Narcotics Collection of the Philippine Generally-unconcealed Police unreserved that encircling 1. 8 jewel of the 80 jewel Filipinos were normal offal users. The influence so unreserved that encircling 70 percent of marijuana contribute in the cosmos-populace jurisdiction be nearfollowing from the Cordillera district in northern Luzon. It arrogationed that marijuana fields enjoy been set natant the 300,000 hectares of Cordillera farmdemesne in the elapsed. In 1999, the police conducted 7,956 raids and arrested 11,004 indivisibles on offal-related contingencys. 55,000 Mail Enassociate Brides to US According to women's assembleion Gabriela, encircling 55,000 Filipino women enjoy entered the United States as mail enassociate brides as of 1997. Another 20,000 mail enassociate brides went to Australia. 15 Women Beaten Daily As of 2002, militant women's assembleion Gabriela said at smallest 15 women and six consequence are beaten up daily. In 2001, Gabriela proceedingsed 5,668 contingencys of succormeet battering and 2,274 contingencys of misconduct of consequence. Two-Thirds of Girlish Workers Had Premarital Sex A contemplate conducted by the Exchange Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) in 2002 showed that 30 percent of the empire's girlish compositionintensity arrogationed to be sexually erratic, aback a eraliness 10 percent of the solely virile respondents arrogationing to enjoy occasional sex. The consider denominationd "Issues Affecting Girlish Filipino Workers" so showed that 37 percent of girlish viriles enjoy had sex aback a eraliness aggravate than one keep-acoadjutor - commonplacely aback a eraliness prostitutes - previous to nuptials eraliness two-thirds of married fevirile and virile compositioners said they had premarital sex aback a eraliness the inhabitants they tranquil married. In a disjoined description, a consider conducted by the University of the Philippines Population Institute in the year 2000 showed that 23 percent of 16. 5 jewel Filipinos primeval betwixt 15 and 24 enjoy engprimeval in premarital sex. According to the TUCP, encircling 6. 5 jewel Filipino compositioners were cognate to the 15 to 24 year age assembleion as of 2002. 400,000 Prostitutes Opposing the plaint that perversion is illicit in the empire, women's assembleion Gabriela said that encircling 400,000 Filipinos were started as prostitutes as of 1998. 100,000 Slip Prostitutes According to the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), encircling 60,000 to 100,000 Filipino consequence were started as prostitutes as of 1997. Perversion was exhibit in 37 parts then. The greater slip perversion dens were set in Manila, Angeles City, Puerto Galera, Davao City and Cebu City. The Philippines has reputedly befit a jewel purpose of pedophiles from the US, Australia and Europe. The Branch of Collective Weal and Harvest (DSWD) has documented 8,335 contingencys of slip affront from 1991 to 1996. 400,000 Abortions A consider released by the University of the Philippines Population Institute in February 2003 said that tnear were 400,000 contingencys of pigmy in the empire each year, opposing the plaint that pigmy is illicit near. Vagina Administration Timeliness hundreds of existent Filipino women are tranquil demanding desert from the Japanese empire for their travails in the hands of Japanese multitude who held them as sex slaves during Cosmos-populace War 2, thousands of girlish Filipino women are ironically exploration the Philippine empire to enjoyment the empires in the deployment of entertainers to Japan. One empire influence that ripe to mitigate the reinforcement of girlish Filipino women as entertainers in Japan tranquil set itself in abstruse disagreement. The Technical Enassociate and Skills Harvest Authority (TESDA), the empire's deep influence tasked to elevate types of non-degree and non-shapely skills courseing of Filipino compositioners, was beneath affection for allegedly sealpageing the issuance of certification to some 20,000 girlish Filipino women to composition as entertainers or "overseas performing artists" in Japan in 2002. The Philippine Fraternity of Reinforcement Agencies Deploying Artists (PARADA), the fraternity of reinforcement agencies deploying girlish Filipino women as entertainers in Japan prisoner TESDA guide unconcealed Dante Liban of deliberately sealpageing the issuance of the so-named Artist Proceedings Books (ARB) to 20,000 prospective aggravateseas performing artists in 2002. Applicants insufficiency an ARB to get a visa from the Japanese representation. PARADA alleged that a assembleion of inhabitants in TESDA were demanding P25,000 for an ARB from applicants who do not deficiency to beneathgo testing. Without nonconformity, the ARB is reckoned to consume difficultly P300. Consequently of the alleged nonconformity in TESDA, PARADA arrogationed that 20,000 Filipino women elapsed the opening of acquireing US$800 a month in Japan. Foundation from the Philippine Overseas Employment Synod (POEA) showed that deployment of Filipino entertainers to Japan slowed to 50,000 idiosyncratics in 2002 from 70,000 in 2001. But a assembleion of Filipinos said that the solely biggest disagreement was not the sealpage in the issuance of ARBs to girlish Filipino women but the deployment of thousands of them to composition as prostitutes or sex compositioners in other countries. Labor Undersecretary Lucila Lazo plain went to the space of circumventing it as "vagina administration". Tnear are encircling 180,000 Filipino entertainers in Japan bestowing US$200 jewel each year. Bulky of these women were vulnercogent to affront and some difficultnessn to perversion by the Japanese Yakuza herd. According to the Motion for Binding Enterprise (MORE), a oppidan assembleion of concerned Filipinos, the Philippine empire prepared caggravate to rescue Japan from the depression of hosting Filipino prostitutes. "The empire made them show approve performing artists, sent to Japan as entertainers," it assumed. Filipino entertainers were tranquil designated "Japayuki", which was an primordial mixture made by Japanese media applyring to girlish girls started as prostitutes. The Philippine empire allows the deployment of Filipino women as girlish as 18 years old. The oppidan assembleion so designated on pious and militant assembleions to associate the enwar opposing the remaind deployment of Filipino entertainers away. "Let us all subvert this unconcealedly-unconcealed taint. Plug the exchangeking of women. Our unconcealedly-unconcealed spirit is precious. We must pat it at all consume, at all eras," it said. P8 Billion Annual Gambling Revenues Gambling is a greater assembleive gist in the empire. Not plain the ouster of President Joseph Estrada from Malacanang Palace, on reckoning of receiving "jueteng" specie from syndicates, could decline the gist. Jueteng is said to be a P40-billion matter in the Philippines, year-by-year. Timeliness declaring "jueteng" as illicit, the empire furthers other constitutes of gambling such as casino performances, lottery and recently extract games. In May 2002 fragmentary, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor), the empire influence tasked to assemble gambling revenues, reputed an pay of P1. 81 billion. For the complete of 2000, Pagcor reputed a net pay of P8 billion, the remedy extensivest quantity acquireed by any Philippine gang in that year. Extract Gambling No one seems to be bothered by the growing incline of extract gambling in the Philippines. Due to the gregariousity of inextensive messaging labor (SMS) or extract messaging in the empire, unsparingly stations and telecommunication companies enjoy connived to state the now monstrously gregarious extract games. Here, the keep-aparticipants, for-the-most-keep-apart television opinioners or radio scheduleeners, put their bet in the constitute of a extract missive excellence P10 each for the casualty to win extensive prizes. Although close pronounced as a constitute of gambling, extract gambling is no contrariant than other respect games approve lottery, jai alai or jueteng. Companies Lose P3. 5 Billion to Counterfeiting According to the Mark Protection Fraternity (BPA), a assembleion of 15 multigenerally-unconcealed companies domiciled in the empire, their constituent companies elapsed P3. 5 billion to mouldrs and distributors of fake mark estate in the primary three districts of 2002 fragmentary. As a fruit, the empire so elapsed P1. 3 billion in virtual revenues. The BPA so unreserved that the empire confiscated fake effect quantitying to P2. 4 billion in the primary nine months of 2002 fragmentary, up from P800 jewel in the complete of 1998. The BPA said that the counterfeiting and piracy gist is not poor to CD's, VCDs and computer softwares but so affects top marks of clothes, bags, wallets, correctives, liquified petroleum gas (LPGs), batteries, lamps, bulbs and switches, marky, vodka, cigarettes, soaps and shampoo, laser printer toner and ink cartridges, sofa beds, hacksaws, toys and electronic effect. About 86 mouldrs of effect lines are said to be fictitious by counterfeits, which are boldly sold at constituteal disposal channels approve shopping malls, branch stores and supermarkets. "Not consequently these companies are in on it, but consequently they are so fooled," Mr. Wallace selected. The BPA said that the fake offals and illicit correctives embrace 30 percent of entirety estate in the pharmaceutical sector. The not-difficulting sector is burdened by a 5 to 15 percent discernment of fake estate eraliness encircling 63 percent of softwares sold in the empire is infered pirated. Most of the fake estate sold in the empire, the BPA assumed, end from China. P1. 1 billion Illicit Fuel A consider conducted by the Asian Institute of Management System Center (AIM-PC) suggested that some P1. 1 billion excellence of diesel fuel were illicit into the empire betwixt 1999 and 2001. Some 300,000 liters or 2,000 barrels of diesel are reputedly illicit and sold in the empire each day. The system conceive tank blamed distinct owners of barges and tankers/trucks; ship captains and seamen; elapsed and exhibit officials of oil firms; owners of depots and storehouses; and tenorers and owners of tenor expressioninals as binding for the smuggling. The culprits reputedly got succor from officials and employees of the Bureau of Customs, the Philippine Navy and the Coast Guard. Alcohol, Most Abused Offal Liquor is said to be the most affrontd essential in the Philippines and the cosmos-people. Timeliness tnear dregs to be a particularized consider on the estate of alcoholism, bulky abjuration misdemeanors such as homicides, true injuries and sex-related offenses are frequently associated aback a eraliness alcohol. Adding to these are the bulky additaments accountd by intoxicated driving. Bulky Filipino families were so beggared by alcoholism, aback a eraliness girlish consequence unprotected to the evils of their intoxicateden fathers. Sadly, the empire does not do fullthing encircling it. San Miguel Corp. , a beverage amalgamate that is the top seller of beer and gin, is so the empire's extensivest confirmation. In 1998 fragmentary, the gang sold 327. 6 jewel bottles of beer. 1. 25 Billion Liters of Beer In 1995, Filipinos consumed 146,000 bottles of wine, making them the top wine drainers in Asia. A aggravate loathsome description is that Filipinos consumed 1. 25 billion liters or 3. 9 billion bottles of beer in 1998 fragmentary. In the year 2001, beverages interjacent air-tight 2. 3 percent of the mediocre Filipino's expenses. A 1994 contemplate conducted by the University of the Philippines showed that approximately 5. 3 jewel or 60 per cent of Filipino girlishsters were draining alcoholic beverages. Of the entirety, 4. 2 jewel were viriles and 1. 1 jewel, womanlys. A misentry was that tnear were aggravate alcoholic drainers than steamrs natant Filipino girlishsters, who were starting to drain alcohol at the age of 16 or 17 years old. 21. 6 Percent of Students Steam A global girlishster tobacco contemplate (GYTS) in the Philippines showed that as bulky as 21. 6 percent of Filipino students were smoking cigarettes. The percentage was 32. 6 percent natant virile students and 12. 9 percent natant fevirile students. Some students believed that smoking would win them aggravate friends and mould them appear remediable. Tobacco interjacent 2. 4 percent of the mediocre Filipino's expenses in 2001. 6,100 Tons of Refuse Daily According to the Metro Manila Harvest Authority (MMDA), the centre profits some 6,100 tons of refuse daily. In 2001, the entirety bulk of recyclcogent esthetics that ended up in junkshops and recycling plants thrusted 120,162 metric tons. The Consume of Air Pollution The Cosmos-populace Bank has reputed that air contamination in the Philippines fruits in a year-by-year damage of US$1. 5 billion in medical composition, elapsed pay, low effectivity and falls that severely imalliance the Filipinos' peculiarity of duration. The Cosmos-populace Bank description so said that air contamination fruits in 2,000 falls each year and accounts US$1. 5 billion in elapsed pay, medical composition in the filthy centre of Baguio, Manila, Cebu and Davao The Cosmos-populace Bank so said that the empire insufficiencys US$500 jewel (P25 billion) to tool the Purified Air Act of 1999 aggravate the contiguous 10 years. In its Philippines Environment Monitor 2002, the Cosmos-populace Bank said the empire bestows US$400 jewel in vigor consume as a fruit of air contamination in filthy modish centers fragmentary, designately: Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao and Baguio wnear encircling a district of the population cures. Such a vigor consume is said to be 0. 6 percent of the empire's unseemly unconcealedly-unconcealed effect. The Cosmos-populace Bank cited a 2001 contemplate showing that aggravate than 72 percent of Metro Manila's residents were alguarded by air contamination and 73 percent said they were not sensible that the empire was doing fullthing to harangue it. The Cosmos-populace Bank said air pollutants such as ozone and nitrogen oxides remain to disperse. In its consider, the Cosmos-populace Bank said pretty keep-amite emissions fruit in encircling 2,000 precipitate falls and 9,000 contingencys of continuous bronchitis in the empire's filthy extensivest modish areas year-by-year. These emissions of pollutants were abundantly blamed on niggardly buses, jeepneys, usefulness deportments, trucks and motorcycles that remain to thrust-out plain steam opposing the empire's anti-steam belching encampaign. As of 2001, tnear were 3. 9 jewel fix deportments in the empire. 2 Jewel Filipinos Unprotected to Tuberculosis A Cosmos-populace Bank description in 2002 said that encircling 22 jewel Filipinos were unprotected to tuberculosis. Air-tight 740 Filipinos are disastrous aback a eraliness tuberculosis, eraliness 68 die of the disenjoyment each day. The description assumed that Filipinos bestow a entirety of P160 billion to recouple the disenjoyment each year. 578 AIDS Cases The Branch of Vigor has proceedingsed 1,761 HIV-positive contingencys and 578 AIDS contingencys from January 1984 to September 2002. Most of these contingencys complicated idiosyncratics primeval 20 to 39 years old. However, the US Central Intelligence Influence said that tnear were encircling 28,000 Filipinos polluted aback a eraliness HIV or AIDS and that 1,200 of died in 1999 fragmentary. P30 Trillion for Reforestation In January 2003, a consider by the Green Tropics Intergenerally-unconcealed (GTI) arrogationed that the Philippines would insufficiency P30 trillion to reforest empire's destitute mountains in aggravate 85 years. 2. 7 Trips by Metro Manilans Each Day Studies made by the Extransmute and Engineering Center (TEC) of the Branch of Niggardly Works and Highways (DPWH) showed that as of 2002, Metro Manilans were making an mediocre of 2. trips indivisiblely and 12 jewel trips synthetically each day. Antecedently this, a consider by Japan Intergenerally-unconcealed Coperformance Influence (JICA) in 1999 showed that the Philippines was losing some P140 billion year-by-year to extransmute redundancy. It said the unconcealedly-unconcealed administration was undeviatingly losing P40 billion in the constitutes of gasoline and diesel fuel, man-hours, electricity, salaries of extransmute aides and extensiond expenses for varitelling phones. Indirectly, the empire was losing P100 billion in the constitutes of elapsed matter opportunities, depreciated respect of authentic estate and extensiond account of vigor regard due to air contamination. Cost of Extransmute Problem: US$3. 6 Billion The San Francisco-domiciled Filipinas Repository reputed that extransmute redundancy consumes the Philippine administration some US$3. 6 billion year-by-year. Citing a empire consider, the repository said the extransmute gist, keep-achiefly in Metro Manila, fruits in a US$1 billion damage to ghastly gasoline and electricity, man-hours and hiring of extransmute aides; and US$2. 6 billion to missed matter opportunities, nearend sales and cannonade disincentives. The consider assumed that entirety damage would excel US$36 billion in ten years. It distinguished that the mediocre hasten of a deportment has slowed to 12. 6 kilometers per hour today from 18 kilometers per hour ten years ago. Get-Rich-Quick Schemes If it sounds too cheerful to be penny, it commonplacely is. This was how the courtlye watchdog Securities and Extransmute Comsidearm (SEC) delineated the commonplace word made by pseudo-cannonade firms in luring the niggardly to endow material quantity in their get-rich-quick machinations. The SEC warned that pseudo-cannonade firms that are not registered aback a eraliness the empire employment enjoy already duped bulky endowors, including strangeers and Filipino-Americans. Some victims, who enjoy placed cannonades ranging from P10,000 to P50 jewel, were not cogent to recaggravate their specie and its reckoned attention. The SEC has already offspringd cease-and-desist enjoins (CDOs) on the performances of distinct pseudo-cannonade firms that enjoy been in performance aback a eralinessout licenses. According to the courtlye watchdog, some of these firms act as lending endowors, cannonade firms, and financial companies that offspring securities to the niggardly. The companies further their labors by telephone circumvents, mails or idiosyncratical visits and commonplacely present endowors monstrous attention on perfect cannonade placed, aback a eralinessout explaining the risks complicated. They so insist-upon contiguous cannonades. The pseudo-cannonade firms surrender word that a poverty cannonade of P10,000 to P100,000 would acquire a monthly attention of 15 percent. Natant the advancemental gimmicks of these pseudo-investments firms are seminars that use the lines "You can befit a jewelaire in three years" and "You can rotate your financial dreams into authenticity". Investors commonplacely discaggravate that they enjoy been duped difficultly when the checks offspringd to them bounced. Pyramiding Scam As of January 2003, the Securities and Extransmute Comsidearm (SEC), the empire courtlye watchdog said that cannonade firms engprimeval in the so-named pyramiding performance enjoy duped at smallest 2 jewel Filipinos of as greatly as P70 billion. World's 4th Most Accident-Prone Empire According to the Intergenerally-unconcealed Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Philippines was the filthyth most additament tending empire in the cosmos-people. The two perfects arrived at this misentry aback meeting out that some 5,809,986 Filipinos were killed or damelderly as a fruit of disasters or man-made calamities aggravate a ten-year age (1992-2001). Ahead of the Philippines in the additament schedule were China, India and Iran. On a disjoined description, the Philippine Generally-unconcealed Red Cross said 31,835 Filipinos were killed and 94,369,462 others were fictitious by true disasters and calamities in a p of 20 years. (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer) Trifling Knowledge of History Congressman Edmund Reyes of Marinduque part quoted an NFO-Trends contemplate showing that Filipino girlishster had a "very trifling appreciation" of the empire's narrative and cultural inheritance. The contemplate showed that difficultly 37 percent of the 1,420 respondents primeval 7 to 21 years old, were cogent to sing the Generally-unconcealed Anthem and difficultly 28 percent could speak "Panatang Makabayan". When asked to designate Filipino heroes, the respondents could difficultly designate up to two heroes. A Day's Strive For A Burger In 2001, the poverty daily wage in Metro Manila remained at P250, the tallest natant the empire's 16 districts. An employment compositioner in Makati, who was hired on a controbjective endowation by a job arrival influence, did not admit P250 by the end of a started day. Aback tax, assembleive confidence and other expenditure were made on top of the distribute expenditure by the influence, the employment compositioner went abode aback a eraliness difficultly P200. However, he had to proportion his bearing and abstinence pay that quantityed to aggravate P100. In other opinion, what was left in his purloin by the end of the day was close than P100. To discourse himself aback a difficult day's composition, he ruled to plug by a gregarious fastbuttress restaurant. He enjoined a big burger, a extensive can of cola and French fries. He was billed P100. Antecedently undeveloped at tenebrosity, he present that he had to buy a new couple of shoes. He thrusted for his purloin and set it leisure. Yet, he infered himself auspicious consequently he was individual and was deeptenance aback a eraliness his parents who were giving him bountiful breakfast perfect early. He was auspicious consequently he had no succormeet to buttress and no consequence to bestow to teach. He was auspicious consequently he was vigory and did not enjoy to buy corrective.