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Topics: How Miami/South Florida is combating clime transmute and sea roll rise Urban tillage - what it is, which types strength be divert in Miami, prevalent modish gardening plans in Miami, and plan you omission to intention and how that would advantage Miami Alternative Zeal - in this article you may either convergence on what choice energies you reflect are divert for Florida, delay a highlight on any new zeal plans (environmentally ffriendly) that are ongoing in Florida.  You can besides offer new zeal program that you reflect would composition in Florida.  You could besides investigation 2-4 new choice zeal plans worldwide and disucss them  Be unfailing to illustrate which of those you reflect and the most germinative and why Paper must be 5 pages enfold intervals.  (This resources 5 FULL pages,) Article must embody in-text at smallest 4 citations and references in MLA or APA mode.  References must be on page 6  First verse should enjoy your call and title- do not dilate font!  Then a separate interval, then originate your assignment. No extra intervals among paragraphs known, they do not number towards page protraction. 1 inch margins, Times New roman 12pt font or Arial 10pt font simply. Points allure be obsolete for weak articles.  They must be uploaded as  WORD DOC/DOCX simply in the fall box.  This article allure be checked by Safe Assign. Any jaw main than 15%  plagiarism (excepting references) should be revised and resubmitted.