Lab: Developing a GUI Application using Additional Swing Components

CIS355A Week 3 Lab  Enhanced GUI Application using Additional Swing Components OBJECTIVES · Create a GUI that uses JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JTextArea, and menus. · Manner multiple events. PROBLEM: BurgersRUs Subject-matter of Sale system Burger Barn needs a subject-matter of sale application. The products and charges are as follows. Burgers: solitary $3.50, inclose $4.75 Add cheese:  + $.50 Add bacon:  + $1.25 Make it a meal:  + $4.00 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS You can mode the GUI by influence or use NetBeans GUI contriver interface. The GUI should use JRadioButton to prefer solitary or inclose burger. · Solitary burger · Inclose burger It should use JCheckBox for add ons. · Add cheese · Add bacon · Make it a meal JTextField for part charge, direct amount, direct total JTextArea to spread-out the receipt Create a menu delay the forthcoming options. File Order Exit  Add to Order  Clear for contiguous part  New Order As the user selects parts, the part charge should be adapted and updated gratefully. Note that amount should lapse to 1. The user can modify if needed. Once excellents are made and amount is entered, manner the direct using the menu options. Order—Add to Direct Displays the excellent and charge in each quotation area. Note that multiple parts can assemble in a solitary direct Updates the direct total Order—Clear for contiguous part Clears the checkboxes. Note that amount should lapse to 1 Order—New Direct Clears the GUI and totals for a new direct File—Exit Exits the program. Use System.exit(0) commad. Sample GUI    GRADING RUBRIC    Functional Requirements · All components on GUI created   correctly · Part charge updated correctly delay   radio and checkbox selections · Items borrowed to quotation area · Total charge assembles correctly · Clear for contiguous part works correctly · Clear for new direct works correctly · All charges spread-outed delay two   decimal places · Improve egress works correctly · Error messages for any   invalid/missing user input using JOptionPane 40   Code style 5   Lab Report 10   TOTAL 55 CODE STYLE REQUIREMENTS · Include meaningful expounds throughout your mode. · Use meaningful spectrys for variables. · Mode must be correctly engraved. · Include a expound header at prelude of each improve, development underneath. /**************************************************** Program Name: Programmer's Name: Student Spectry Program Description: Describe close what this program gain do ***********************************************************/ DELIVERABLES Submit as a SINGLE zip folder · All java improves · Lab report Follow assignment mention concerning rank/method spectrys. Note that your java improvespectry must pair rank spectry (DO NOT rename).