America’s Industrial Revolution transformed all sectors of the distribution and transitional fellowship. In the citation (Chapter 17 p. 310-317), some of the occupation practices of the deceased 1800s and forthcoming 1900s are picturesquely. There are pros and cons to these products. On one employmentman, they streamlined costs and made pi and new products profitable to divers further consumers. But, there were so notes—some unintended. Choose one of these two new completions introduced by the American Industrial Revolution. The product of monopolies instead of a competitive occupation chaffer. Unsafe and unjust employment conditions. Then, in a generous paragraph or two: Identify your separated completion. Discuss a peculiar pattern from that duration that clforthcoming illustrates the separated completion and a disclaiming note of it. What did the legislation do about this—and what should it possess manufactured? Identify a homogeneous completion or pattern that exists in the USA today. Identify the beginning(s) where you decipher about the completion.   Reference Material Week 2 Learn materials Week 2 Rebeginning - Primary Sources Chapter 17 (p. 316-317, map 17.1 on p. 312)