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this continuity prepares the tyro to identify base symptoms for the peculiarity and address of base vigor issues. The criteria for peculiarity, including feature studies, achieve be discussed. This continuity achieve attribute an gist on vigor advancement, malady hinderance, and vigor curtainings abutting the lifespan, and providing culturally adapted anxiety.  Professional, divine, and legitimate issues are addressed. L.N. is a 49-year-old unspotted dame after a while a truth of symbol 2 diabetes, corpulency, hypertension, and migraine headaches. The enduring was diagnosed after a while symbol 2 diabetes 9 years ago when she presented after a while moderate polyuria and polydipsia. L.N. is 5′4″ and has regularly been on the liberal verge, after a while her ponderosity equivocal between 165 and 185 lb.  Initial texture for her diabetes consisted of an spoken sulfonylurea after a while the accelerated importation of metformin. Her diabetes has been lower untarnished guide after a while a most new-fangled hemoglobin A1c of 7.4%.  Hypertension was diagnosed 5 years ago when lineage exigency (BP) measured in the employment was exalted to be acceptably high in the class of 160/90 mmHg on three occasions. L.N. was initially treated after a while lisinopril, starting at 10 mg daily and increasing to 20 mg daily, yet her BP guide has fluctuated.  One year ago, microalbuminuria was detected on an annual urine curtain, after a while 1,943 mg/dl of microalbumin identified on a spot urine scantling. L.N. comes into the employment today for her habitual follow-up mark for diabetes. Physical scrutiny reveals an obese dame after a while a BP of 154/86 mmHg and a pulse of 78 bpm.   Questions  1.What are the possessions of guideling BP in persons after a while diabetes?   2.What is the target BP for endurings after a while diabetes and hypertension?   3.Which antihypertensive agents are recommended for endurings after a while diabetes?