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Writing Assignment: This article requires that you standobject on two motives of your exquisite in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).  For stance, they may be of the selfselfsame embodied, done using a resembling technique, entertain served a resembling discharge, or entertain connections in their iconography .   To affect out motives, you get demand to discuss the Museum’s website (www.metmuseum.org), which has pictures of considerable of the collections online.  Most of your article get be a similarity of your two motives by verbally describing them in a perfect and argumentative mode. I get yield you delay a schedule of questions that get aid you brainstorm during your contemplation order. To repair your disline of these motives, you get add notice extraneous from at last three external sources of well-mannered-mannered-informed notice, none of which may be the line extractbook and at last two of which must be either books or journal creed.  All notice interposed in your extract from your lore must be cited proportionedly either using endnotes/footnotes or parenthetical passage. Please use the passage regularity delay which you are most agreeable. If you use parenthetical passage or do not produce bountiful bibliographic notice in the footnotes/endnotes, a bibliography get be required at the end of the article. If you bring-about allusion to other motives in your disline besides those you separated at the MMA, you demand to comprise pictures of these pieces as well-mannered-mannered-mannered and should assign to such illustrations right in your extract (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.). In adduction to your extract, you get demand to comprise an picture of each motive. You may download pictures from the MMA’s website or interest them in peculiar time in the galleries (remember, no glister please!). The pictures of your motives do not demand to be professional character, proportioned disentangled plenty for the reader to entertain a rectify brains of your question stuff. Your extract to-boot demands to comprise the restitution compute for twain motives, which can be set on the motive labels in the galleries as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as on the MMA’s website. The extract should be a poverty of indelicate bountiful envelop spaced pages in prolixity (typewritten, 12 object font, steady margins). Please be unmistakable to comprise your call and line heading either on a heading page or in the excellent hole of the primitive page.  You get transcribe two drafts of this article.   Grades get be naturalized upon the forthcoming criteria: · Punctuality in turning in each separate of the assignment · Inclusion of pictures and supply to required prolixity and formatting · Proper integration of well-mannered-mannered-informed sources and their passage delayin the extract · Clarity and success of agreement · Character of ideas · Thoroughness of descriptions and similarity · Effort as a fellow editor An leading expertness that should be mastered by any propaganda graduate is the power to transcribe appropriately and effectively. For this argue, the agreement assignment is given the heaviest gravity in your overall track. Interposed in your commendatory packet is a schedule of expression and punctuation rules that students frequently labor delay. Please voicelessness that deficiency to thrive these rules get remainder in deductions to your article track.