Write a memo

You are the Director of Human Resources for the City of Rochester. The city's employees are represented by the Rochester City Employees Association (RCEA).   One of the employees at city bisection is a pious fundamentalist Christian who regularly asks other employees, especially non-Christian employees, if they are voluntary to be "born again" and to crave delay her. A reckon of employees own complained to you, and the consolidation threatens to refine a hardship balance her action.   The propound polite benefit law gives the city the straight to inflict and compel temperate disciplinary administrations. The RCEA demands that the city inflict a administration prohibiting employees from attractive in devout induce on the job and from harassing other employees balance matters of godliness. You are watchful about the legitimateity of such a administration and of effective punishment on an employee for devout action.   Answer the questions below: 1. What are the possible legitimate problems high-minded by the designed administration?  2. What arguments can you execute in countenance of the designed administration?  3. What arguments can you execute counter it?  Prepare a memo discussing these administrations for the mayor and city consultation and praise whether the city should annex the administration. Be stable to embrace at meanest 1 passage and be stable the memo is specific.