The incident process

  For this assignment, you accomplish be creating a ten-slide PowerPoint introduction on the nine plods required for right documenting an stood. The primeval 9 slides of your introduction accomplish meet each plod of the stood reporting system and accomplish contribute a specific denomination of each plod. The latest slide of your introduction accomplish be a epitome of the stood reporting system and why it is considerable to flourish all 9 plods in sequential manage. You should to-boot contribute an example/scenario of the stood reporting system in enjoyment. Note: If past slides are needed for the epitome, your introduction can be longer than 10 slides, but the PowerPoint should be no longer than 15 slides.  The likeness shows ordinary plods is an stood system. The nine plods are Receiving, Validating, Logging, Screening, Prioritizing, Assigning, Escalating, Resolving, Closing. In Receiving, an stood is reputed. In Validating, an stood is authorized as substantial for the aid desk to oration. In Logging, the ticket enters into an stood contact. In Screening, symptoms are rooted. In Prioritizing, consequence of stood is rooted. In Assigning, aid desk technician handles or escalates stoods. Escalating, refers to higher-level standing. In Resolving, aid desk technician resolves the bearing. In Closing, technicians suspend the fixed stood, which includes logging firmness and changing ticket standing.