2 postsRe: Topic 1 DQ 2      There are three elements the common vigor comfort (PHN) must deem when performing a unity duty.These elements conceive the population, dregs and collective method (Green, 2018).When deeming the convergence of the duty in the nursing regularity the PHN sets borders in regulate to assess the members among the unity and the environment, determining variables and examining collections of inhabitants in divergent basis sets.Outlining and identifying features of the population entity assessed is the primal stride the PHN completes when performing a convergenceed duty on a population (Green, 2018).Characteristics of the population’s demographic combination are the key elements for evaluating the scarcitys among the defined collection.      PHN scarcity to deem how the environment impacts the vigor for the population entity assessed.The geogregarious attribute should be factored into a population duty.The geogregarious attribute comprises the boundaries of the unity, availability of common or retired demeanor, the characteristics of the geographic area, the atmosphere, housing and suiteffectual contrivancets and animals (Green, 2018).How each of these elements theoretically affects vigor can all be deemed in the duty.Geogregarious borders conceive ZIP codes, neighborhoods and nurture and vigor districts period man-made borders conceive streets, bridges and structures.These borders are utilized in epidemiologic studies to substantiate the demographics and vigor services/resources.Geographical informational methods are beneficial to substantiate patterns of vigor, inequalities in vigor among a enhancement that may be a product of the geographical influences (Green, 2018).By deeming the geogregarious influences on a population, the PHN can contrivance interventions to be implemented.      In contrariety to the geographical and geogregarious dregs, a phenomenological attribute is the deems the narrative, cultures, religions beliefs, values and economics of a population (Green, 2018).The phenomenological characteristics of a population are what creates the consciousness of congenial for members in the unity.Individuals may be sever of divergent phenomenological attributes based on their personal godly, gregarious and cultural beliefs.The PHN should deem the relationships, resembling beliefs and goals when performing the duty in regulate to substantiate the vigor standing and scarcitys of the unity.      Following the duty, the comfort then can individualize the scarcitys and risks among the population, set goals, contrivance interventions to be implemented and then evaluate the termination.For development, an physical nurture comforts assesses the students and finds a great quantity to be overweight.After a all duty, the nursing speciality adulterated nutrition: more than wholly requirements is clarified.The comfort can than set the realistic goal delay the students that they succeed be effectual to excellent 3 vigory foods when presented delay divergent options.Interventions would conceive teaching environing vigory nutriment and practice and the signification of vigor preferance and vigory lifestyle to nullify complaint, taught at the students apprehension plane.After the teachingal sessions are implemented, the comfort can then evaluate and reassess the scarcity for prefer interventions.