Picture plants and give Scientific name, Where you found it, Derived features it has …etc

You deficiency to elect TEN places from the roll given: 1) Green algae 2) Bryophyte (liverwort, moss, or hornwort) 3) Lycophyte 4) Pterophyte (fern, fence fern, or horsetail) 5) Gymnosperm 6) Angiosperm Monocot 7) Angiosperm Dicot The fostering three can be anything else you confront animated. Accept fun after a while it! Take photos after a while your iPad camera (you may deficiency multiple pictures to muniment the integral place, leaves (if any), flowers (if any), other animated structures). Put concomitantly a narration (Word or pdf gratifying, but probably easier for all of you if it is a Pages muniment), on your ten places. Include for each type, A) Photo(s) B) Scientific name C) Where you endow it D) How it is classified E) Derived features it has (e.g., for the angiosperms, you could say "flower" and "fruit") F) Anything else animated you accept learned G) The fountain(s) of any counsel you middle that did NOT succeed from your own brain Happy hunting! P.S. You should be operative to confront most of these encircling somewhere (at abode, campus, lab. If you accept disturbance confronting one of the roll (my suppose would be the lycophyte succeed be the most challenging), it is okay to swap it out after a while star else you endow so you can tranquil accept all ten.