paper outline 2 pages

1-2 page rough "outline" -- may be delineation or fact format. Identify the construction, the qualify (problem, opening or insufficiency), diminutive style of steps, your role (participant, chief, consultant, or extrinsic relator). The integrative/application tractate conciliate allot "qualify theory" to an constructional setting after a while which you are conversant. You may (1) sketch a qualify arrangement or (2) critique/evaluate a qualify arrangement new-fangledly completed or underway.  All 8 steps from Kotter and Cohen should be finished.  The tractate should be organized environing the steps in Kotter and Cohen's The Heart of Change, after a while additional theories/models integrated from the Konopaske extract (e.g., chiefship, qualify, pur-pose). Additional guidelines:   Paper elongation should be 8-10 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font (not including secrete page and references)  Submit via Turnitin through Canvas Use the ordinary or new-fangled past construction where you labor, or another real construction where you feel tit notice for the tractate.  May be vocation, synod, non-profit, anthropological services, vigor heed, etc.  Note: This is not a personal opinion essay. Flush if you are the main beginning of notice for the tractate, it should be written in 3rd individual and should be installed on basis and postulates, flush though you may be the observer of the notice.  Avoid the use of I,we,they,our, etc.   Required: Develop an delineation/summary sketch and refer to preceptor for encomium no posterior than February 14, 2018.  The tractate conciliate not be legitimate after a whileout antecedent encomium of the delineation.