paper 3

   For this tract you are to eluciepoch Erving Goffman’s concept of Dramaturgy. First, determine dramaturgy. (10%) How did Goffman succeed up after a while the concept? (5%)  Next, prepare a minute explication of the components/vocabulary of dramaturgy. (25%) You should use a restriction of three beyond academic sociological founts to eluciepoch dramaturgy (preferably mate reviewed journals). (10% each) You may use the textbook, at-last, it does not reckon as a fount. Then, prepare one choice stance using each of the components of dramaturgy (use singly one scenario that incorporates each of the space of dramaturgy). (30%) This stance can be from your own morals, or colossus imagined. Using a movie or television stance is to-boot sportive (be infallible to mention this expression of stance). Be infallible to mention in APA format. The tract should be expressiond and inclose spaced after a while no smaller than 12 font.  A spectry page including your spectry, epoch, assignment spectry, and career spectry is required.  Papers after a while no spectry page get hold a 10% abatement. Deductions may to-boot be smitten for spelling, grammar, passage errors, and formatting issues.  I am past concerned after a while resigned than after a while reckon of pages.  However, for those of you that want reckon of pages, these aim to be 6-8 pages in prolixity.   Let me distinguish if you keep any questions.