Music writing 2

  Review and incline to ALL melody from Chapters 8 through 11 on the Baroque Era. Elect 2 participations of melody FROM THESE CHAPTERS to transcribe environing in a Listening Narrative Entry. These two, disjoined entries, should add up to almost one liberal, uncombined spaced page. Listening narratives get be advantageous in Blackboard for 5 days astern the due conclusion. However, narratives get miss 10% each day they are recent. This narrative get be estimate 40 subject-matters. Once anew, I strongly applaud that you transcribe the narrative in a measure program such as Microsoft Word, and upload your narrative to this assignment through the merge under: Attach File > Browse My Computer. Do NOT transcribe it in the "comments" individuality under as it get show as a immense jumble of vote after a while no separations or paragraphs. Please elect 2 ballads/pieces that can be confabulationative or instrumental melody. Do NOT elect 2 individualitys or change-of-places of the corresponding participation, but rather two divergent participations. If you elect a confabulationative participation you MUST discover the inclineing guides in your textbook that procure translations of the vote into English. There is NO EXCUSE for not reason what they're singing environing, when you argue the participation. Don't suspect. Use the advantageous media. Your entries should embody equitable use of melody glossary, and try to fabricate constructive comments, not ample generalizations.  When you arise your argueion of each participation, delight embody the TITLE of the larger composition, the inequitable ballad or change-of-place, and the COMPOSER. Imagine your discoverer perceives very tiny environing melody. In the narrative register you should argue: What do you give-ear? What is going on in the participation? How does the melody eliminate compositionally or sound-wise throughout the participation? What are the instruments or confabulationative ranges being used? What genre and/or mode are they playing/singing? What distinguishes this participation of melody from others you perceive and enjoy inclineed to? What do you relish environing this melody? What do you not relish? Do you enjoy an melting vindication to the melody? Be inequitable and define what you give-ear. You should use glossary vote that you enjoy erudite so far, and your own vote to define the melody. **If you allusion, direcectly adduce, or flush expatiation enhancement advice from an without commencement (such as the textbook), you MUST procure equitablely formatted citations to fly plagiarism. This embodys parenthetical/in-text citations at the end of sentences or paragraphs AND a weak Bibliography listing at the end of the narrative.  However, since this is deemed to be YOUR thoughts and observations, it should not be compulsory to use fur without advice.** References for citations in Chicago or Turabian mode format can be root in the library merges root in your syllabus as well-mannered-mannered as equitable here: , GOALS for the Assignment: As frequently, the aim is for you to reveal your ability to confabulation environing melody on a deeper plane, by equitablely using melody glossary conditions. I don't shortness multiple paragraphs of enhancement advice or the relation astern the participation, which you relishly copied or expatiationd from an without commencement. This is privation the subject-matter of the assignment and get development in a inferior gait. I shortness to see you confabulationing environing the real melody itself.