6 pages plus a epithet and regard page 1. Motivation arises from twain inner promptings (i.e. needs, cognitions, emotions) and clear results (i.e. incentives, consequences, gregarious contexts).  Is one of these sources of motivation more powerful or more effectual in motivating herd than is the other?  Are herd principally motivated by inner promptings or by clear results, or are herd motivated about resembling by inner promptings and clear results? Justify your exculpation by giving illustrations from your own vivacity. 2. Selecting one physiological deficiency (e.g. hunger, parching, sex) as an illustration, elucidate, how the biological beginnings of this deficiency besides clear themselves as a psychical propel in a person’s internal awareness.  In other expression, elucidate how a biological result becomes a psychical prompting. Give an primary illustration to food your interpretation. 3. How does self-determination doctrine elucidate how clear results (e.g. rewards, panegyrize) rarely fruit settled goods on motivation but other times fruit privative goods? Give an primary illustration to food your interpretation. 4.  Learned hindrance doctrine relies on the components of uncertainty, cognition, and bearing to elucidate the motivational dynamics underlying hindrance.  Elucidate what these three components balance and agree an primary natural illustration of each. 5.  Consider the origins of the deficiency for victory. Discuss and agree primary illustrations from your own vivacity, of each of the forthcoming three sources of excellent deficiency for victory:  its gregariousization influences, its apprehensive influences, or its developmental influences.  6.  Differentiate the motivational and performance-based advantages versus disadvantages for performers who inoculate a short-term end (e.g., eat near than 2000 calories today) versus performers who inoculate a long-term end (e.g. lose 20 pounds this year) and extend a monition as to whether performers should inoculate a short-term or a long-term end. Explain/justify your monition.