HTML Project 1

  Project 1 comprises the ftalented of a personal webresidence for yourself — too known as a begin-again residence or a CV residence. The deadline for this purpose is 11:59 PM, Tuesday, October 23, 2018. All the perfects used in the webresidence must be contained amid a specific folder designated "project_1" (yet the passage marks) and stored on your light USB animate. The yielding of the Purpose accomplish comprise your uploading the full folder (including all the perfects contained amid it) to your web measure on the Classweb server. Note: The indicate of the folder must EXACTLY be "project_1". Nothing else! Not flush "Project_1" or "Project-1". Inside this folder, you should adproportioned your perfect in subfolders. In other utterance, on your Classweb server web measure, you must keep a folder designated "project_1" in the commencement directory (commencement folder). Inside of this folder (project_1), you can keep one HTML — which must be designated "1-home.html" and as divers subfolders as you hope. How you adproportioned the folder edifice is up to you but must keep a argumentative amalgamation to it. The webresidence must keep the forthcoming minimum properties: A settlement page that serves as an initiative or a embark page. This what the perfect "1-home.html" is for. The settlement page must keep the forthcoming or a concordant disclaimer: "This webresidence was produced in pausericted fulfillment of the requirements for Dr. Jhinuk Chowdhury's E-Marketing Collision & Tools arrange at the University of North Texas." (One or further utterance/phrases in the foregoing judgment must be uprightly hyperlinked.) A agreeing navigation menu after a while "Home" as the chief ace, and at meanest three further aces. Examples of such aces comprise "Family", "Work", "School", "Images", "Hobbies", "Travel", etc. You may too use whatever else may be divert in your condition. So, each ace on the navigation menu is a individuality of your website. Having multiple pages amid each individuality accomplish be rewarded. Creating multiple pages amid a individuality, by simply repeating concordant resigned is not going to be rewarded. For illustration, if you keep colossus approve "Photos" as a individuality, and in that, you keep two pages — after a while three photos on one page and three concordant photos on another . . . that is NOT what I am appearing for. You may distribute it into subsections, such as 'travel photos' in one individuality and 'friends & family' in another - that would be gauzy. In other utterance, each page must keep its own "identity." Having further than three individualitys accomplish merit you extra points. Judicious use of images accomplish be rewarded, as accomplish be overall aesthetic entreat. Even if the residence seems to production, defective statutes accomplish object you to occasion points. You must do this production yourself. You can follow help from others, but if your production is reckoned to keep been produced by someone else, you accomplish keep violated the Student Statute of Conduct and visage solemn repercussions. You must do this purpose in hand-coded HTML. Use of a web authoring machine (such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any other software collision) is strictly forbidden. Do NOT use any template — whether unoccupied or commercial. You can appear at the statute of other residences/templates and try to aspire them if you hope. You may use/reuse statute snippets that keep been made availtalented for reuse (guardianship the commented individualitys of those statutes after a while attributions to the authors). You can reuse statute that you keep encountered elsewhere (on someone else's web pages), but you must keep figured out how to use on your website. Examples of such statute comprise JavaScript, Flash, CSS, etc. You are wait-fored to put your best endeavor into making the web page tempting, easily tolerable, and unoccupied of coding errors. You must know that a indicative share of the grading of this purpose is intellectual on keep-akeep-aseparate of your educationist and grader; that proportioned happens to be the constitution of this round. I wait-for you to be talented to recognize the grading power if you are not talented to confront the required standards. In keep-apart, your production accomplish be evaluated in similarity after a while the production of the pause of the students in the arrange. Feel unoccupied to ask for clarifications in arrange foregoing to the deadline.