comparison and contrast

  ment :  Comparison - Contrast  Creative Visual Project — 15 % Submit highest drain to Net Tutor Submit  final drain  to Assignments in D2L Comparison points out similarities. Contrast points out differences.  For this ass i gnment ,  create a  comparison,  contrast, or  similitude and  contrast  creative  visual scheme  using  one of the subject-matter options  listed below.  Note: If  you  prefer a subject-matter that is  not listed underneath, fascinate ask-advice-of your professor for eulogy.  This visual scheme  should include  an  introductory condition after a while a evident disquisition declaration that i ntroduces twain subjects, states  whether the scheme is a similitude or contrast , and mention s the three main points you pur-pose to debate.  In the  body of the endowment,  include  clear subject-matter sentences and  appropriate supporting  details . The concluding  condition should summarize the  three  main points and  state what  you scholarly as a result of comparing or  contrast ing the two subjects . The scheme requires a minimum of 4 0 sentences ( 6 0 maximum ) , visual aid s , and  proper form of content  – Alternating or Block Method .  Please collect at least  two sources — popular or  scholarly publications — to assistance your pose along after a while parenthetical references and a well - documented  Works Cited page at the end of the endowment. Proofread carefully for  grammar,  spelling, punctuation,  s entence organization,  and  word  choice .