CIS 555 Discussion 1 and 2

Discussion 1 "Goal Types and Categories" Please corcorrejoin to the following: • Compare and contrariety behavioral appearance and smooth appearances. Provide four examples to aid your points.  • Propose five authoritative appearances and five non-authoritative appearances. Propose how you would detail if a appearance should be classified inferior the authoritative order or the non-authoritative order.   Discussion 2 "Goal Copy Building" Please corcorrejoin to the following: • The textbook provides fifteen heuristic rules, tips, and niggardly filtration patterns that can be applied during the appearance copy construction manner. Suppose that you are construction a appearance copy of a regularity you are maneuvering. Propose three best practices for selecting one or more of the fifteen heuristic rules that devote to the construction of a appearance copy. • From the e-Activity, ( detail if you can you abundantly delineate these AND/OR nodes on a appearance diagram. Predict three challenges you anticipate in using a graph-based diagram to copy appearances.