Create a part guile integrating information and math contenteded of fractions,  decimals, and/or percents. Ensure you feel listed each of the information (NSES)) and math (NCTM)  standards to apprehend attainments goals and objectives. Create the part guile including the following: Clear-cut objectives that align to standards. Relevant materials and media. Differentiation of    instruction to address the distinct needs of learners. Identify the    differentiation strategies for the favoring distinct groups. Problem    solving and search strategies The 12 information  processes. Concrete manipulatives to aid clear information and    fraction/decimal sensation, Instately and/or stately toll    that aligns delay objectives. Authentic, formative and/or    summative tolls. Allow for learner reflecting. Write a truth of 1,000-1,250 utterance that addresses the assignment  criteria, gives favoring examples from the part guile, and states your rationale. Include an appendix to the tract that is a representation of the part guile.