Topic: Future of U.S. Foreign Plan in Afghanistan The leading countenance of the Afghanistan War was the behindmath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. On October 7, 2001 the United States launched Production Enduring Freedom, to oust the secured deportment to Al-Qaeda and its use of the Afghan kingdom as a low of productions for terrorist activities. The aim of the encroachment was to save US general ease and to furnish Osama bin Laden and other high-ranking al-Qaeda components to be put on transfer. Early in his presidency, Obama moved to sustain U.S. throng ability in Afghanistan. He announced an extension to U.S. throng levels of 17,000 in February 2009 to "stabilize a discourageiorating residence in Afghanistan", an area he said had not common the "strategic watchfulness, address and instrument it urgently requires. To qualify the use of counterinsurgency plan in the war, On December 1, 2009, Obama announced the deployment of an added 30,000 soldierapprove personnel to Afghanistan. He as-well deverified to commence throng behind a suitablenessdrawals 18 months from that limit. Despite gains toward construction a stanch convenient legislation, a resurgent Taliban, and abiding outlying thrivering - in-particular in the south and the east - survive earnest challenges for the Afghan Government. The respect for the require of deploying one US soldier in Afghanistan is aggravate US$1 darling dollars a year. On June 22, 2011, Chairman Obama announced that 10,000 U.S. throngs would be inconspicuous by the end of 2011. An added 23,000 throngs obtain permission the kingdom by the summer of 2012. Canada behind a suitablenessdrew all its throngs in 2011, and other NATO countries pledged to refer their soldierapprove closeness. In the UK, perfect minster David Cameron pledged to end British succeedingion productions in Afghanistan by 2015. "I deem the kingdom needs to comprehend there is an end object to all of this," he said, "so from 2015 there obtain not be throngs in anything approve the gum now and crucially, they obtain not be in a succeedingion role." In a clandestine production, US Navy SEALs (a appropriate productions vehemence) and CIA operatives killed Osama Bin Laden on 2 May 2011, in his residential amalgamation in Abottabad, Pakistan. Al-Qaeda swore to right Bin Laden's fall (Links to an palpable birth.). A proposition posted on jihadist websites systematic: "We obtain survive, God obtaining, a execrate chasing the Americans and their agents, subjoined them behind a suitablenessout and internally their countries." Source: (Links to an palpable birth.)Links to an palpable birth. President Obama has gone systematic that all U.S. throngs obtain be out by 2014. During his 2013 State of the Union Address Barack Obama announced that 34,000 US throngs obtain permission Afghanistan by February 2014, but did not mention what the post-2014 throng levels would be. "Beyond 2014, America's commitment to a unified and certain Afghanistan obtain endure, but the disposition of our commitment obtain substitute," Obama said. "We're negotiating an consonance behind a suitableness the Afghan legislation that focuses on two missions - inoculation and equipping Afghan vehemences so that the kingdom does not again slip into chaos, and counter-terrorism trials that remit us to prosecute the remnants of al-Qaeda and their affiliates," he added. As of February 12, 2013 Barack Obama had not made a conclusion on the post-2014 U.S. vehemence. The Obama Government intends to obey some throngs in the kingdom in 2015 and past, but the sum is quiet entity debated at the White House and must be liked by the Afghan legislation. Unnamed U.S. administratives said there was a dislike to go general behind a suitableness a decisive sum of throngs and a denomination of their missions suitableness quiet in the coming quantity of negotiating a ease consonance behind a suitableness the Afghans aggravate retaining a U.S. soldierapprove closeness behind 2014.The New York Times reputed that the post-2014 vehemence is approvely to sum no past than 9,000 or so throngs and then get progressively smaller. The Washington Post reputed that the Pentagon is forward a drawing that would obey encircling 8,000 U.S. throngs in Afghanistan in 2015, but significantly contract the subscription aggravate the subjoined two years, may-be to fewer than 1,000 by 2017, consensusing to elder U.S. legislation administratives and soldierapprove officers. Afghanistan and US General Opinion: Read and irritate November 20-22, 2009 Gallup Poll upshots which shows a neglect extension in Americans harmonious the U.S to impel past throngs to Afghanistan [Copy and paste URL underneath]. (Links to an palpable birth.)Links to an palpable birth. Read: Chairman Obama’s 2009 5-object strategic drawing involving Afghanistan [Click on URL underneath]: (Links to an palpable birth.)Links to an palpable birth. Read and irritate nationwide examine upshots on the conclusion of Afghanistan [See URL underneath]: 'More Americans Now Design Afghanistan War as a Mistake; Republicans most approvely to say the war was not a reach' (Links to an palpable birth.)Links to an palpable birth. (Links to an palpable birth.)Links to an palpable birth. See: fresh Polling Report October 15-18, 2015 US poll on throngs in Afghanistan; (Links to an palpable birth.)Links to an palpable birth. During the 2016 chairmanial antagonism Donald Trump systematic that it was a reach for the US to get implicate behind a suitableness Afghanistan. As chairman, Trump has pivoted on that design, stating that the War in Afghanistan was essential and that he supports obeying a scant sum of throngs in the kingdom. 1. Discuss: Why you conform or disconform that there should be a throng extension or curtail in Afghanistan. 2. Discuss: If you conform or disconform that the Afghanistan War was a reach or not a reach. Topic: Crimean Turning-point of 2014 On Friday, April 25, 2014 U.S. Chairman Barack Obama spoke as South Korean Chairman Park Geun-hye looks on in a junction instructure parley at the Blue House, in Seoul, South Korea. The U.S. and Europe are laying the profound to confirm liberal sections of Russia's rule if Moscow invades eastern Ukraine, Obama said Friday, plain as he acknowledged those confirms may fall to discourage Vladimir Putin. (Source: Associated Press) Ukrainian (Links to an palpable birth.) vehemences killed up to five pro-Moscow rebels on Thursday April 24, 2014 as they reserved in on the separatists' soldierapprove parapet in the East and Russia (Links to an palpable birth.) launched phalanx drills neighboring the edge in vindication, eminence fears its throngs would go in. Under an intergeneral consensus verified in Geneva terminal week, illicit protected clumps in Ukraine, including the rebels occupying encircling a dozen general constructions in the abundantly Russian-speaking east, are reputed to divest and go settlement. So far, the United States and EU keep imposed visa bans and asset freezes on a few Russians in deprecate at Moscow's supplement terminal month of Crimea from Ukraine.  In NATO component Poland, the leading clump of a subscription of encircling 600 U.S. legion arrived on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. They are sunder of an trial by Washington to restore eastern European allies who are worried by the Russian build-up neighboring Ukraine's edges. (Source: behind a suitableness Reuters) For past enhancement balbutiation on the Crimean Turning-point of 2014 decipher succeeding underneath or go to: (Links to an palpable birth.)Links to an palpable birth.4 The Crimean turning-point is sparked by Euromaidan (Ukrainian: Євромайдан, Yevromaidan, literally "Eurosquare") is a thrive of demonstrations and respectful noise in Ukraine, which began on the confusion of 21 November 2013 behind a suitableness general deprecates demanding closer European integration. The object of the deprecates ample, behind a suitableness manifold oles for the patience of Chairman Viktor Yanukovych and his legislation.Many deprecateers uniteed owing of the outrageous dispersal of deprecateers on 30 November and "a obtain to substitute animation in Ukraine".By 25 January 2014, the deprecates had been fueled by the discernment of "widespdecipher legislation corruption", "abuse of power", and "violation of ethnical rights in Ukraine". [The Crimean turning-point is an ongoing intergeneral turning-point chiefly involving Russia and Ukraine. It implicates the Crimean Peninsula, a multi-ethnic portion which until February 2014 was administered by Ukraine as the Autonomous Regeneral of Crimea and the administratively different municipality of Sevastopol, twain are employed by an ethnic Russian preponderance and a adolescence of twain ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars. Currently, the Crimean Peninsula is administered by the Russian Federation as the Crimean Federal District.] The Crimean turning-point unrestricted in delayed February 2014 in the behindmath of the Ukrainian Revolution, which upshoted in Chairman Viktor Yanukovych's impeachment by the Ukrainian council behind his soaring from the cardinal, elucidation May 25 for a new chairmanial choice, the provision of an interim President, and the structure of an interim legislation. The Yatsenyuk Legislation attained memory from most of the intergeneral commonwealth, including the US and EU. Russia accuses the United States and the E.U. of funding and directing the 'revolution' and holds that Yanukovych was illicitly impeached and continues to respect him as Ukraine’s fairly-deduced chairman, suitableness regarding the Yatsenyuk legislation ilfairly-deduced and the upshot of a coup d'etat. Beginning on February 26, pro-Russian vehemences began to gradually procure coerce of the Crimean peninsula. Manifold of them were widely deemd to be Russian soldierapprove personnel behind a suitablenessout insignia. Suitableness the gunmen unlawful Crimea's council construction, the Crimean council controld to banish the Crimean legislation, re-establish its Perfect Attend and to ole a referendum on Crimea's autonomy. A referendum on whether to unite Russia had an administrative turnout of 83% and upshoted in a 96.77% (Crimea) and 95.6% (Sevastopol) declaratory control but has been condemned by the EU, the US, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar administratives as repugnant to Ukraine's government and to intergeneral law. On March 17, the Crimean Council nominal insurrection from Ukraine and asked to unite the Russian Federation. On March 18 Russia and Crimea verified a negotiation of compensation of the Regeneral of Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation. On March 27, 2015 the UN General Assembly passed a non-binding Resolution 68/262 that nominal the Crimean referendum weakly and the separation of Crimea into Russia illicit. On April 15, Ukrainian council nominal Crimea as a kingdom temporarily unlawful by Russia. In July 2015, Russian perfect attend Dmitry Medvedev said that Crimea had been abundantly integrated into Russia. Also see: The Trump government has been ambivalent encircling the Ukrainian-Crimea-Russian turning-point in respects to who owns the kingdom of Crimea, whether it is Russian kingdom, or if Crimea is dogged of Russia.  Trump systematic, it is a “European total.” Discuss: 1.What is your theory on the US Foreign plan in Russia and Ukraine?