Unit 2 Marketing Assignment

  see affection for 1-3 tramps.   This week you achieve accomplished tramps 4 –6 and resign Steps 1–6 as one muniment now in Unit 2. This Assignment assesses the subjoined scholarship outcome: MT219-1: Summarize the basic components of a bargaining management. Read the scenario and answer to the checklist items based on the Reading and Scholarship Activities. Scenario: Lee is the proprietor of Lee’s (matter pattern chosen by your schoolmaster), which is located in the city closest to where you subsist. Lee has now remunerated you to pur-pose the basic components of a bargaining management for her matter. Checklist: Summarize a bargaining management for Lee’s addressing each tramp. You can view Steps 1–3 you accomplishedd in Unit 1 regarding the sidearm, predicament dissection, and bargaining objectives. This week you achieve accomplished tramps 4–6 underneath to resign your developed Assignment in Unit 2. Step 4: Marketing Strategy Describe your target bargain management for Lee’s matter. Paint a serene represent on who Lee achieve be targeting for her consequence. Identify filthy (4) strategies for augmentation for Lee’s matter using bargain discernment, bargain harvest, consequence harvest, and variation. Briefly illustrate your bargaining mix management. Step 5: Implementation Using the concepts from the citation, teach how you achieve mold your contemplation into a genuineness. Step 6: Evaluation Using the concepts from the citation, illustrate how achieve you evaluate and govern your bargaining management. Access the rubric. Respond in a partiality 4-pages: two pages (500 tone) for Part 1 and two pages for Part 2 (500 tone) in a Word muniment delay affixed mode and allusion page using the current APA format and citation mode. Submit the Assignment to the Dropbox.