Read case and answer 3 questions

Case Three: Big Brain Solutions Big Brain Solutions is a Colossal succorful in the interrogateing perseverance, located in Silicon Valley. Early in 2014, Liz Bennett and Ralph Nickleby each applied to becomeADMINISTRATIVE assistants at Big Brain Solutions. Succeeding successfully completing the conference regularity, twain were paid and asked to mark contracts that contained the subjoined provision: "If there is any question as to holding practices or employee/employer actions, this question gain be determined via restraining arbitration." Twain Liz and Ralph marked their contracts succeeding life attached diffusive space to critique them and to interrogate an advocate if they wished to do so. Several months succeeding he was paid, Ralph became addicted to cocaine. Around the identical space, Liz became significant after a while her earliest slip. When Liz conversant complications during her pregnancy, Big Brain initially agreed to allow her medical leave; but presently thereafter, the corporation assured Liz that her posture had been eliminated due to a "reorganization." Fearing that Ralph capacity bear distress bevy up the loose for the of-late released Liz, Big Brain asked him to follow a confuse refuse ordeal. Ralph was embarrassed and anxious and refused to follow the ordeal. Big Brain assured him that he was fired owing of his frown to follow the ordeal. Liz determined to finish a lawsuit in propound affect underneathneath the propound and federal Family andMEDICAL Leave Acts, which pledge significant women a set compute of weeks off for pregnancy. Ralph, on the other operative, submitted his circumstance to an arbitrator. Answer the the subjoined questions: 1. Is Liz entitled to the protections of FMLA? Explain why not.   2. Is there any California propounds laws environing pregnancy judgment and if so, would Liz be entitled to its protections? 3.  Is there any California propound law intercourse after a while concealment that may succor Ralph?