Need done by Friday 6/22 at 11 pm

Welcome to your primary Reaction Time assignment! These reaction times obtain frame up 25% of your overall track in this road. For this reaction time, you obtain be congruity a 150-200 promise confutation time to this weeks assigned time “Nutrition and the Epigenome” and video, "Epigenetics" (You can meet twain here:  The appellation of this time obtain siege the format of a passage for the time “Nutrition and the Epigenome” (Please mark for explicit instructions on citing an time and a website). This time is incongruous from an contemplative in that it should not only: (a) summarize the pleased of the time and video, but also; (b) enclose a pensive confutation on what the results of genetic testing indeed medium.We heed a lot environing genetic testing in the media and tidings. Genetic testing can manifest that a special agency be at cause for Huntington's sickness, Alzheimer’s sickness, withstand cancer, and other illnesses. You feel well-informed a lot environing genetics this week, including epigenetics (MAKE SURE you feel guarded the epigenetics video and peruse the limited time BEFORE congruity this). When congruity this reaction time, I nonproduction you to employ what you feel well-informed in the overhead assigned peruseing and video to colossus you may trial in your own lives: genetic testing. Remember that a choice is not an proposal for you to say whether or not you common colossus, but rather to contemplate critically environing it, and divide those thoughts. Please guard this week’s exhortation on genetics BEFORE completing this assignment. Optional additional tidings times for those who deficiency bearing or are sound exhausted by this: