Marketing class

Please unconnected your apologys by the talents of the scrutiny.  NOTE: the 250+ vocable reserve is waived for this assignment. ***For some usage on this assignment, you could investigate your textbook’s online plight (Links to an exterior plight.)Links to an exterior plight. and do one of the Chapter 13 exercises (this is from an precedent edition of the textbook, so the Chapter aggregate do not align)! First, let’s try a townsman of basic shatter level scrutinys.  Remember that you can experience the shatter level apex formula in the Week 6 Lecture. ***Please be strong to “show your work” in your apologys to all of the forthcoming scrutinys to interpret how you got your apologys: Emma owns an Internet vocation where she vends weatherproof car foot mats. Her monthly agricultural consumes are $50,000. The middle figure per ace is $25 and the middle changeable consume per ace is $15.  What is her shatter-level apex?  Remember that your apology gain be in “units,” not “dollars,” as you are experienceing the reckon of items that scarcity to be sold in prescribe to shatter level. Andrew ruptures localitys in his public-house for an middle of $91 per confusion. The changeable consume per ruptureed locality is $38. His agricultural consumes are $59,000 per month. How manifold localitys does he own to rupture per month in prescribe to shatter level? In this uniformt when you do the calculations, your apology gain not be a complete reckon – there gain be a decimal.  In shatter level calculations, you must frequently circular your apology up to the next highest complete reckon, accordingly you cannot vend a duty of an item.  Now, let’s try to shatter down the multitudinous consumes vocation owners own into Agricultural Costs and into Changeable Costs. You may insufficiency to re-read the Lecture and/or the textbook to restore your retention on this one. Julia owns a sub sandwich garner and has the forthcoming consumes each month: Labor consumes (conduct & workers) = $8,000 Insurance = $1,000 Rent = $1,200 Utilities = $500 Average consume of ingredients/packaging for each sub = $1.17 Julia vends subs for $6 each. How manifold subs gain she scarcity to vend to shatter level each month fixed on the consumes listed aloft? In prescribe to bring-about that shatter level reckon more easy, Julia has set a new wood and vegetable distributor that can inferior the middle consume of ingredients/packaging down to $0.98 per sub. If all of the other consumes sojourn the selfsame, what would the new shatter-level apex be? Julia decides to reposition her sub garner as “upscale” delay fresher woods and vegetables, parallel delay reward packaging for the subs. Her new figure apex is $10 per sub, but her changeable consumes own restored to $4.11 per sub. If all other consumes sojourn the selfsame, what is the shatter-level apex now?