Our assemblage had of-late systematic a voicelessness circumstance designated as, “OH MY TECHNO” which took fix in the Student Union Bar at Frenchay Campus on the 21stof November 2018. We had six volunteers for this circumstance and each one of them was consecrated a restricted labor. Our intent was to solicit at smallest one hundred fellow-creatures for the circumstance and run it until a point age slot which was granted by the Student Union Bar. The ocean external was to arrange and glean environing the staging and evaluation of the circumstance. For the techno circumstance, we had adited few DJs from the UWE DJ Society, to succeed and complete for a scant age, out if which, we were efficacious to adit filthy DJs for that shade. All the six volunteers reached two hours earlier the initiateing age of the circumstance for the assemblage dissuccession and to set up the venue. We had a few provisions and provisions after a while the Student Union Bar gone it was a exempt circumstance for all the students of UWE, as courteous as from other universities. The two ocean domains I would affect to argue environing the circumstance are, Circumstance Experience and Stakeholder Experience. The basic aim for the techno circumstance was to target all the students from UWE, distinctly the newcomers, who feel of-late joined the university. We so had a fund-raising devotion emanate box for The Rainbow Centre. The target was to educate at smallest £100 pounds for the devotion but circumstanceually, we could singly educate upto £56.50 pounds. We had so solicitd fellow-creatures by creating assemblages on the collective media platforms affect Facebook and Instagram. All the creatives for this restricted circumstance was executed by our volunteers after a while a good-tempered-tempered step. Our target was to solicit a incompleteness of 100 fellow-creatures when-in-fact, 146 fellow-creatures were exhibit on the circumstance day. The venue can wholly shift the audience's collision of the circumstance. It can criterion the bunch of fellow-creatures in multiform ways that technology can't achieve exhibitly. The Nursing essay for our circumstance was very promotive. It was an all-shade exempt entrance circumstance for all our attendees gone we weren’t undisputed to arrange a compensated circumstance. The SU Bar conduct team was availefficacious all the age during the succession of the circumstance which interjacent all the services. A technician was remunerated by us to set the DJ booth and handle the lightings as courteous as the investigate. Our circumstance working at 9PM after a while some agreeable set of techno voicelessness, which attracted a lot of fellow-creatures at the initiate. Eventually, it ended at 12AM instead of 1AM. As far as the encouragement was watchful, we lacked age for not promoting our circumstance truly.