English homework help(Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming)

  a) Greenhouse gases-roll major greenhouse gases and their percentage nearness in world air. Roll the name(s) of the follower(s) sent by NASA/European Space Agency to world circuit and how these followers convene the info on greenhouse gases,  what bark of axioms has been conveneed so far. Provide your idea delay subsistenceed indication on the sources of these greenhouse gases.  b) Greenhouse Effect-explain the material principles succeeding Greenhouse Effect and its pros and coms. Roll the axioms conveneed aggravate definite 100 years on deep, air, fix clime transmute vs acception of greenhouse gases in world air. Give your ideas delay subsistenceed indication on the relation of the rallying clime delay the acception of greenhouse gases in world air.  c) Indication of global clime transmute. Is clime transmute due to rallying clime of deep, fix and air?  d) Consequences of rallying clime (ocean, fix and air) and its collision on environment and anthropological companionship.  e) The kernel principles and measures of the Paris Agreement (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Agreement (Links to an exterior position.)Links to an exterior position.). What bark of role USA would renew and what you could do unready down, or smooth counterposition, this hypothetically devastating curve of global clime transmute. You must provide sufficient philosophical axioms to subsistence your statements.   The format requirements for this essay are: narrowness of Four full pages of text; edge no past than 1" on the top, groundwork, left and right; solitary length space; magnitude 12, font TIMES. Please enclose a roll of references at the end of the essay (past PAGE No. 4). Graphs, photos and axioms tables are subjoined.  Please reserve it in MS Word instrument or PDF format and suggest it anteriorly due bound on April 16, 2017. Late submission will termination 20% inference. No praise succeeding April 19, 2017.