ENF 3 unit 7

   UNIT 7 LEARNING ACTIVITES Type all activities on one muniment. Name that muniment, “Unit Seven Activities,” address each apparition by reckon, and do not resign until all items enjoy been consummated. All videos and lections indispensefficacious for gist of the aftercited activities are fixd either in “Unit Seven to Read” or “Unit Seven to View.” Practice sites proreinstate be posted after a while Unit Sseven “To Do.” Activity One: Learn Rules for Disquisition Statements.  (Found in “Unit Seven to Read”) Prime the disquisition announcement from one of your ENG. 111 essays and then evaluate it for each of the indelicate rules for creating a disquisition as they were normal in the lection segregation. Hint! The rules are normal as deep proposals instantly underneath the bolded subtopics. Transcribe your evaluation as a proviso that begins after a while either, “My disquisition announcement confronts…” or “My disquisition announcement does not confront some or all of the indelicate rules normal in the designation.” Support your evaluation apology after a while manifestation smitten from the wording of your disquisition announcement.        Work Period Required: Encircling 20 minutes.          2 Activity Two:  Select one of the aftercited disquisition announcements and originate three deep proposal announcements  from the disquisition announcement you chose. Remember the deep proposal announcements are reasons your disquisition is penny and are  used to adjust collectiveness provisos.  Thesis One: Researchers enjoy ground a new reinstate for cancer but the pharmaceutical companies exclude this reinstate owing it is widely beneficial, cannot be patented and is abundant hither high-priced than strong treatments. (Remember, you proreinstate demand three deep proposal announcements, one for each of your collectiveness provisos.) Thesis Two: Marijuana should not be legalized owing users relation a abundant higher stroke of inferior personality indemnification, poorer intellectual vigor, and more similarity problems. (Remember, you proreinstate demand three deep proposal announcements, one for each of your collectiveness provisos.)  Example: Rearing lewds in cages after a while serious neutralization and crowding principles those lewds to bear boredom, valley and corporeal vigor problems. Hint! Ask, “How does neutralization and overcrowding principle boredom?” Your reply proreinstate be the deep proposal for your principal collectiveness proviso.  For vision, my deep proposal for my principal collectiveness proviso would be:  “Confinement and overcrowding principle boredom owing the lewd cannot actuate encircling, exexchange environment, or switch pose.” For my present deep proposal doom, I would use valley as my theme.      Work Period Required: Encircling 30-45 minutes Activity Three:   Read the designation,  016 ENF 03 The Similarity among Clear and Ticklish Thinking and Writing.docx and mould imagineing notes as you learn the designation. Rejoin to the principal set of ticklish imagineing questions as you use them to evaluate any one of your English 111 essays. Resign probation of your imagineing notes and transcribe your apologys using consummate dooms that grasp visions that manifest your apology is an after a whilehold evaluation.  Example: My topic that rallying lewds in tense cages principles emphasis is substantial and justifiefficacious owing the basis, visions and anecdotes I use as sustaining details manifest symptoms of emphasis and my visions comprise manifestation which manifests the lewds are bearing.     Work Period Required: Encircling 20-30 minutes.  Activity Four: Unreserved the concatenate for Lection Workout Challenge 8 (ENF 03 READING WORKOUT CHALLENGE METACOGNITION.docx ) Follow the directions to learn and rejoin in congeniality. Hint! If you vision and paste the compositionout pages into your saved activities muniment, you proreinstate be efficacious to fashion your replys instantly onto the pages.   Work Period Required: Encircling 20 minutes                     Activity Five:  Select either of the themes used to enunciate the disquisition announcements in Apparition # 2. Repursuit one of those themes, “Cure for cancer” or Legalization of marijuana,” and fix an vision for each of the fashions of sustaining details shown in Figure 6.1.  You should enjoy at smallest five visions. Cite your origins using Noodle Tools Express.    Content assumed by David Edwards Content edited by David Edwards Creating Sustaining Details Figure 6.1  The Flat World Knowledge Handbook for Writers, v. 1.0.1 by Miles McCrimmon and beneficial by:David Edwards(v1.0.1 - Published)    Work Period Required: Encircling 20 - 45 minutes    Activity Six: View the video, “How to Transcribe a Killer Thesis.” (Found in Unit Seven to View) Summarize the video and, then, prime any of the aftercited themes. Originate a killer disquisition announcement for any one of the themes using what you skilled by watching the video.  · Political correctness  · Concealed-carry permits for guns on academy campuses · Banning the eating of meat · Puppy mills   Apparition Seven:          7 Watch the video, How to Transcribe a Conclusion.  (Found in Unit Seven to View)  Copy and paste the blank proviso from any one of your English 111 essays and then evaluate that proviso naturalized on the  steps emphasized in the video. Score your video assigning it points from one to ten, for restating the disquisition, summarizing the deep points and the inclusion of a “Super So What.” issue. Transcribe a trivial announcement indicating whether you imagine your blank was large, emend than medium or super.   Work Period Required: Encircling 30-45 minutes              Activity Eight:   Type, Houghton Mifflin Textbook editing exercises into your pursuit bar and unreserved the concatenate.   Scroll down the inventory of editing exercises and prime:  Ex. 10.4 Mould   formatting exchanges.  Follow the directions and vision and   paste the segregation to be revised and edited into Google Docs. Revise, probationlearn   and edit the segregation on bicycle deeptenance. Divide your edited composition after a while   the confessor via the divide sign in Google Docs. Hint! Use your doom   pattern chart to succor you disfigurement errors in punctuation, waste-matter and run-on   sentences. Extra praise if you besides   divide after a while a rankmate and assimilate your editing.  Composition Period Required: Encircling 30-45 minutes     Activity Nine:  View the video, Introduction to Noodle Tools. (Use concatenate ground in Unit Seven to View)This employment is not offered for uncounted at Reynolds at the popular period. Naturalized on what you skilled by viewing the video, is this a employment you would be procureing to escheatment. Explain why or why not.     Composition Period Required: Encircling 30 minutes    Activity Ten:  View the video, Advanced Congeniality Evaluating Sources. (Use concatenate ground in Unit Seven to To Learn or To View) Prime one origin you cited for any essay written for your English 111 rank. Evaluate that concatenate as a reorigin using the video criteria recommended for determining the appreciate of origins.  Composition Period Required: Encircling 5-10 minutes Extra Credit! Ten Points!  Compare or contrariety the sound of the Shmoop video on the congeniality of sublime disquisition announcements to the sound of the Advanced Writer’s video on the evaluation of origins.