Electronic Grading System

The mind of this con-over is to subsistence and reform the grading order of NDNI (Notre Dame of New Iloilo). The general grading order of NDNI, which uses Excel is perplexing on the portio of the user. Not all of the users are abundantly computer literate and they bear to way the scholar pace by themselves outside special advisering of the Principal. Moreover E. G. S (Electronic Grading System) is unroving. In retort to this height, the disruption is a user- well-behaved-inclined program, well-behaved-behaved guided order exercise. The E. G.S is a order that can succor to way the grading order of NDNI. It is a order account reformd by the IT Students of Notre Dame of Marbel University exposed 2009-2010. The glide of order is when the registrar high initialize the user accounts of (teachers merely), the registrar can meaning collocate inventory from the educators archives. As the meaninged postulates is gather from the educators archives, it conquer saved. Then the educator can now update collocate archives. And the registrar can light collocate archives to adviser the exploit of the educator & scholars. II. Design Description A . Background of the StudyThe general order of NDNI which uses Excel is perplexing on the portio of user. Not all the users are computer literate and they bear to way the scholars’ pace by themselves outside the special advisering of the Principal. The height besides in Excel is that environmental that can action deception in occurrence the user clicked or pressed accidentally. While E. G. S is unroving to use by user. However the educator has liberty to do computing manually if the E. G. S can’t subsistence their needs. In retort to this, the disruption is a user-well-inclined program that can be pathed by the user.NDNI is generally using Excel as media of computing scholar paces. In stipulations of Excel, it is not indulgent to the portio of the educators’ to path the pace of the scholars without-delay as needed, beaction sometimes it can action environmental deception. B. Statement of the Height The general grading order used by NDNI in Excel. It is not indulgent for the portio of the educator’s to path the pace of the scholars. C. Objectives a. General Objectives This design bequest to automate the grading order of Notre Dame of New Iloilo by providing an Electronic Grading System. b. Specific Objectives - To succor the users to amply path the paces of the scholars. D. Significance of the Con-over This con-over is forcible as recurrent for the forthcoming reasons: -It is user-well-inclined and adds convenience -Certain grading criteria can be set w/o adding formulas in integral spreadsheet cell. -Faster transactions. -Easier archivess transport (meaning and ship-produce) -Ease of pathibility E. Object and Limitations of the Con-over - The coverage of the con-over includes entities such as Registrar and Teachers. However, the scholars are besides included as a receiver. The contrivanceed design is trusting on the ship-produceed excel rasp of the scholars archives from the educator archives. Also, it conquer merely way the pace of the scholars for a epoch of occasion. Common concept for a collocate archivess are substance observed and applied for this impression. Registrar and Principal can light all archivess . The educators can merely light their own archivess. F. Methodology Phase I (Preliminary Investigation) •Conducting a overlook and interlight -Required to get notification needed to establish and unembarrassed way of the order to be exposed. •Define the new order external •Set the object and limitation