Discussion 8

"A Love Triangle"  Please coalesce to the forthcoming: Review the Event Study: A Love Triangle, located on page 472 of your quotation. Next, indicate the two (2) most solemn issues that the manager of this adroitness is presented delay in this perplexed event. Take a service on whether the adroitness leans any accountability for Nancy’s pregnancy in this event. Provide a rationale for your service. Summarize the lecture(s) this adroitness’s manager and staff should glean from this event. Next, propose one (1) qualify to this adroitness’s civilized resources policies in ordain to growth the pliancy of staff monitoring of tenants. Provide a rationale for your proposeion. Case Study A Love Triangle Contributed by Elizabeth A. Berzas, PhD, MHA, FACHE, and Jacqueline Shellington, LCSW Located in Opelousas, Louisiana (population 15,000), Maison de Fontenot is a 100-bed nursing settlement, the solely such adroitness in the sublimeer Evangeline Parish area. The adroitness’s catholic principle personality is sometimes made beneficial for coalesceings to some of the topical corporate organizations. On these occasions, constituents of the homogeneity so choose the era to interact delay the tenants; divers indication delay extraction or friends subsistlihood in the adroitness. Some of them so tend at the adroitness. Joseph Vidrine Joseph is a 66-year-old tenant of the adroitness. He was admitted to Fontenot a short balance a year ago succeeding he had suffered divers unimportant strokes. He requires cork monitoring and some preserveion delay verbiage and bathing, but is talented to get encircling independently. Joseph is from Mamou, a grassy homogeneity that has scant long-term vigilance services. Hence, his sister unwavering that Fontenot would be the best fix to coalesce his deficiencys. Joseph nconstantly married but had a few long-term peelreds balance the mode of his personality. He participates in divers activities and helps out delay unimportant chores at the adroitness. He so enjoys transporting tenants in wheelchairs to and from the dining opportunity. Joseph is personable, outgoing, and cordial. Phyllis Landry Phyllis was born and excited in Opelousas and has nconstantly subsistd anywhere else. She is an charming and subsistly 70-year-old dowager who has been subsistlihood in the nursing settlement for the deceased 5 years, constantly gone she was widowed. Her mate died of complications in the succeedingmath of an automovable garb. Phyllis is a strict diabetic and has some cardiac issues resulting from her diabetes that had remained intemperate anteriorly she was admitted to Fontenot. Otherwise, she is on-the-watch, oriented, and movable. She deficiencys preserveion delay her insulin injections, monitoring of her life stipulation, and treatment of occasional unimportant bruises. Succeeding the balancelooking of her mate, she had no cause of proceeds and had to go on Medicaid. She is fragmentary, delay no result or kinsmen subsistlihood nearby. Phyllis is an outgoing particular. Many of the manly tenants converge her charming, but she has not developed an cause in other men gone her mate’s dissolution. She does balancelook having a man to choose vigilance of her, though. Anteriorly emotional into Fontenot, Phyllis was an locomotive constituent of the homogeneity. Now she enjoys subsidiary out at birthday parties and other collective activities held at the nursing settlement. Joseph and Phyllis became cordial during BINGO amusements when Joseph would pay past vigilance to her amusement than his own and effect her win. Gradually, they institute themselves physically and emotionally attracted to each other. Joseph feels that Phyllis deficiencys him owing she had once periodical that she favorite men who choose carry, which reminded her of her deceased mate. Joseph and Phyllis possess afloat spending past and past era concurrently. Now they commsolely advert to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. From era to era they get into arguments when Phyllis feels he is by her or when Joseph loves she is not forthcoming his counsel. Nancy Leblanc Nancy, a 36-year-old feminine, was admitted to Fontenot encircling 4 months ago succeeding life in and out of the hospital a few eras owing of complications from her AIDS singularity. She was assigned to portion-out the opportunity delay Phyllis. Nancy has indecent result among the ages of 3 and 15 who subsist delay Nancy’s dowager in another avow. Jealousy and Tensions Joseph has been constantly indicationing Phyllis and Nancy in their opportunity. Phyllis, tranquil, feels that he pays past vigilance to Nancy, which then leads to arguments among Phyllis and Joseph and creates tensions among all three. During the arguments, Joseph innocently points out that he is solely subsidiary a new tenant ameliorate dispose to the nursing settlement environment. At eras, Joseph has been institute sitting delayout on the wave delay Nancy or subsidiary her indication off her cards at the BINGO amusements. Past of-late, Joseph has been attracting her to link him during snack era. Nancy too loves Joseph’s union and enjoys her walks delay him on Fontenot’s postulates where flowers are in unmeasured complexion. Joseph has told some of the staff that Phyllis is too potent and that they possess tamed up their peelred. Phyllis, tranquil, tranquil adverts to him as her boyfriend and accompanies him to some of the activities and collective events. Joseph and Nancy, on the other index, possess said to the staff that they are true friends and love to depend out concurrently. Just Friends? The other day, a CNA on her lunch shiver saw Nancy sitting in the garden delay her legs crossed balance Joseph’s lap, but she did not contemplate plenteous of it. Another tenant told the collective worker that she “caught them” sitting in a “lovers’ service” and they were startled. Two constituents of the Kiwanis Club so saw “something” and were a short choosen rearwards and mentioned it to the manager. One tenant told the principle manager that he reasoning Joseph and Nancy “go a short too far” in their generally-known displays of condition. Another tenant was agog when he recounted, “Just the other day Joe was grabbing at her as they walked down the dimidiation.” Spillbalance and Commotion Phyllis accosts the manager in the dimidiationway and asks, “What peel of a fix is this? Isn’t it athwart nursing settlement rules?” She has so commented to some other tenants, “They twain deficiency to be thrown out of this fix.” When Phyllis confronts Nancy encircling her peelred delay Joseph, Nancy adamantly denies there is everything fabulous and avows that they are true friends. When she confronts Joseph, tranquil, he retorts, “You possess been giving me a forced era, Phyllis, and I possess intelligence for you—Nancy and I are gonna possess a baby, and we’re gonna get married.” Phyllis could not love it. She seems devastated, and the collective worker has to quiet her down. But, when asked why she was so overthrow, she solely refused to converse. At the proximate tenant chamber coalesceing, Phyllis effects a courageous urge that twain Joseph and Nancy are a degradation and must be ousted from the adroitness. In rejoinder, Joseph barked at her, “Just contract up.” The ptenant of the tenant chamber told the principle manager that there were some veritable bad feelings among Joseph and Phyllis true owing Joseph favorite Nancy. Later the identical day, in a fit of insult, Phyllis throws Nancy’s few belongings out into the dimidiationway and curses eternally for divers minutes. Divers staff constituents, a few tenants, and two indicationing tends supplement at the exhibition to attestation the turmoil. The collective worker, principle manager, and manager are designated to the exhibition; they choose the three tenants secret to quiet the service. The collective worker, principle manager, and manager concurrently lean counseling sessions delay the three tenants who are threatened delay dispossession for disrupting the adroitness’s subsistlihood environment. The collective worker is adamant that Nancy and Phyllis should no longer land in the identical opportunity, but twain tenants possess refused to disconnected. Mother, I Am Pregnant Approximately a month deceasedr, Nancy’s result and dowager, Colette, land at the nursing settlement to indication Nancy. Delay sublime passion Joseph announces to them his plans to marry Nancy. Taking Colette asunder, Nancy quietly whispers, “Mother, I am after a while-child.” Nancy’s dowager and result are shocked and infuriated. Without dictum a account, Colette heads unswerving to the manager’s service and demands answers. The manager is resembling shocked at the intelligence, and the coalesceing does not go well-mannered. Colette wants to recognize why the adroitness has failed to intention its part to preserve its tenants. She declares that she is dexterous to coalesce delay a attorney to sue the adroitness. Finally, in a disrupt of infuriate, she screams out, “Who allure choose vigilance of this baby? You?” She stomps out of the manager’s service. Taking her grandchildren, she leaves the adroitness.