Development Capital Market in Bd

December 5th, 2010 To Prof. m. Kismatul Ahsan Course Teacher Stamford University Bangladesh Subject: Design resolution of financial root on excellent bank Dear Sir After a while due i-elation, I would enjoy to educate you that it is a gigantic enjoyment for us to present the subject con-over on the “Project resolution of financial root on excellent bank”. Through out the height of the news, we came to understand about multifarious things concerning the running resolution on the Appraisal & Skillful-treatment of Design in Bangladesh. Therefore,I firmly revere that this news succeed encounter your eulogy.I would genuinely esteem and discriminating plenty to conceive prefer corrections where you contemplate it is compulsory and placing this brochure for your precious evaluation & recommendations. …………………………………………. Sincerely Yours Md. Ashfaqur Rahman Rony MBA 04211371 Acknowledgement Praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Universe for giving me knowning to equip this news. I am merry to all the concerns acceleration me to equipd this brochure. Especially our upright Sir for providing me to compulsory documents after a while all the things I feel dressed my best. Magistrate Summary Design skillful-treatment Appraisal is a way by which incontrovertible predetermined goals are achieved.It is solely the resources to an end. On a narrow design, the superior magistrate skillful-treatment of the sponsoring conceive (the Owner, or client) may be sufficiently affable after a while the details and on-going transaction that they are mannerly that the design is transaction as expected. On a larger, longer, over multifarious design, such seal contiguity may not be practicable. How then can the required limit of ease (ease flatten) be ensured? Rely on design foothold newss and telephone calls to the design director? Perhaps, but not always! In any subject, what if the design foothold newss lucidly mark that the design is not going according to scheme?Either way, some conceive of recalcitrant design skillful-treatment impost and recommendations are well-behaved-behaved advised. Such an impost should be prepared to examine the design's skillful-treatment, touchstone its usefulness, and if root wanting, to conceive recommendations for restorative action. Design Skillful-treatment was exposed to preserve period on a design by schemening it out and because all pertinent factors which may like its fruit. The benefits are proven - it preserves period and coin, and generates a over happy fruit. Table of Contents Magistrate Summary I Title |Page No | |Procedure to known an Account | 01 | |Activities ; brochures compulsory for knowning an account: |02 | |Local Remittance Section: |03 | |Online Branch Banking Section: |06 | |One Stop Utility Services Scheme Section 07 | |Clearing Section | | | |12 | |Collection Section | 12 | |Accounts Section | 13 | |Cash Section | 14 | |SWOT Resolution of PBL | 14 | |Findings | 15 | |Observation ; recommendations | 16 |