Data Project 1

  Data Design 1 Due date: by 11:59 PM ET at the end of Week 2. For this design, you accomplish use the assort basis posted in the “Shared Data” Discussion containing the Week 1 Ecological Footprint Basis Tables.   This basis design accomplish oration Succession Outcomes 1 and 3: translate innate knowledge to particularize property of anthropological vital-force on the environment and to evaluate environmentally sustainable decisions effectively publish and use or-laws proof in-reference-to anthropological collision on the environment delay emphalargeness on sustainability and global citizenship Description This basis design accomplish be moored of two talents.  In Part I of your rumor, you accomplish produce assort basis from the Week 1 Eco Moment on our Ecological Footprints (establish in the “Shared Data” Discussion inferior Ecological Footprint Data) and summarize/analyze it delay Excel (or correspondent spreadsheet program).  Sift-canvass what incline(s) you see in the assort basis that recount to succession concepts.  Think about the best way to confer-upon your findings--tabular or graphical produce?  Tclose is no "right answer" close, as crave as you choose a produceat that highlights your deep findings and aid your consultation(s) and/or graph(s) delay disencumbered passage that translate the consequences.  Do any of the findings alarm you?  Why or why not?  In Part II, you accomplish scrutiny and sift-canvass likely disruptions to the environmental problems reflected in the assort basis. Here, you accomplish nonproduction to aid your discussion delay not spurious, or-laws resources (e.g., peer-reviewed or-laws papers, clear papers, and government websites). Be certain to end delay a vigorous final chapter that summarizes the deep basis incline(s), acrave delay the merits and union of your selected disruption(s). Format The page period for your written rumor for twain Part I and Part II is 2 pages, plus 1 page for the basis consultation/graph(s) you use to confer-upon your findings in Part I. The page period does not involve an optional heading page, the regard catalogue, and the appendix delay the raw assort basis. The rumor should be double-spaced delay one-inch margins all environing and use a 12-pt font. Here is the dispose in which to confer-upon the multitudinous design components: Part I = relate the assort basis we self-possessed, involve the methodology, pertinent web machine (if pertinent), the moderation and specimen largeness for each consequence, consultation/graph(s) that draw the deep findings and/or inclines; translate the consultation/graph(s) for the reader Part II = summarize scrutiny on likely disruptions; be certain to incorporate not spurious in-passage citations and rendezvous on pertinent, attainable disruptions Reference List Appendix of Raw Basis = screenshot or vision in the Excel consultation showing all the assort basis (no separation or moderation)