CVS case study

EGG: no veers +2 edema bilateral ankles Medications: meteorology 20 MGM per day, aspirin 325 MGM per day Answer the questions and suggest via Dropped Questions: 1 . What other questions should the foster ask encircling the jade? Is the jade uniform or intermittent- to state what action could be intelligent vs.. Chronic Is there a ultimate deduce for the jade-such as boredom, extra inseparable-force, no snooze, etc.... What is the kind of your snooze? Have you had any new-fangled sicknesses or veer in medications ETC or prescribed? Any new strain in your estate? Such as lineage/bloom [financial/emotional/natural etc.. What does your cheer endure of on a daily principle, Is this new? - Also does it Include alcohol/caffeine/smoking If so how abundantly? 2. What other assessments would be for this enduring? Maybe some cupels such as; EGG, EEK, strain cupel, snooze cupel/observation, etc.... Lab cupels such as CB w/ dif, TTS, LAP, cholesterol, IAC, serum glucose, fasting glucose, U/ A, CPM, 812, ACT... Review of medications, late medical narrative, vaccination memorials, environmental factors, lineage narrative Assessment of other popular examples or homonyms. Weight 3. What are some actions of jade? Thermodynamic, anemia, thyroid dysfunctions, auto-immune, DIM, formability, osteoporosis, medications, strain, concerned snooze patterns, immoderate natural inseparable-force, fatness, immoderate alcohol/smoking/caffeine, imbalanced cheer- too abundantly or to short, imbalance in limpid capacity, CHEF, COOP, bowel disturbances, limpid and electrolyte imbalances, new-fangled sickness viral/infection, and frequent further. 4. Develop a example inventory from external and mental postulates. Example inventory: Pain, TN, Hyperglycemia, edema of inferior extremities, influential HER, decreased BP, jade, mandible lung artful sounds 5. What should be middle in the cunning of attention? Teaching - cheer/meds/exercise/when to endeavor medical attention/ subject surrender factors Monitor- Strict 1&0, Free. Vs., instructor cardiac rhythm, edema-TED/SCUD/elevate, lung sounds, 02 saturation, bark completeness, neuron checks, suffering, pulses, lab values, sale of popular medication, daily pressure. Encourage- yielding after a while cheer, medication fare, training program, and overall bloom subsistence. Based on the readings, what is the most likely action of jade for this enduring? CHEF HER- 112 - Benevolence pumps harder in endeavor to get further class to the substance. Fatigue- Due to short class and oxygen to inseparable organs. Edema- Due to the want of the benevolence pumping short limpid to the kidneys. Kidneys liberate rennin, negotiations, and lodestone which holds on to sodium and attracts limpid into the vascular method. Lung crackles: The fragile benevolence contractions action limpid to establish up in lungs. HEX of MI, TN, and hyperglycemia are all precipitating factors.