Course Reflection

Purpose  The intention of this assignment is to arstroll the scholar an convenience to return on selected RN-BSN competencies acquired through the NUR3655 line.   Course Outcomes This assignment arranges documentation of scholar force to converge the forthcoming line outcomes:  - This line succeed strengthen the scholar to realize and apportion components of the incongruous cultivations (ACCN Essential I, II, V, VII; QSEN: protection, evidence-grounded manner, teamwork and collaboration and patient-centered foresight).   - The scholars succeed be serviceserviceable to enumerate the collision of cultivation in soundness foresight (ACCN Essential I, II, V, VII; QSEN: protection, evidence-grounded manner, teamwork and collaboration and patient-centered foresight). Points This assignment is desert a whole of 100 points (10%). Due Date Submit your completed assignment beneath the Assignment tab by Sunday 11:59 p.m. EST of Week 15 as directed. 1. The Line Reflecting is desert 100 points (10%) and succeed be graded on property of self-assessment, use of citations, use of Standard English rhetoric, doom erection, and overall structure grounded on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric. 2. Follow the directions and grading criteria air-tight. Any questions environing your essay may be posted beneath the Q & A forum beneath the Discussions tab.  3. The extension of the returnion is to be among three to six pages yet epithet page and intimation pages.  4. APA format is required delay twain a epithet page and intimation page. Use the required components of the revisal as Level 1 headers (eminent and inferior fact, centered):  Note: Leading – Transcribe an leading but do not use “Introduction” as a distinction in agreement delay the rules put forth in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (2010, p. 63). a. Line Reflection  b. Conclusion Preparing the Reflection The BSN Essentials (AACN, 2008) guile a reckon of soundnessforesight regulatement and apology competencies for the BSN-prompt comfort. Return on the NUR3655 line readings, dissuccession threads, and applications you accept completed abutting this line and transcribe a returnive essay touching the distance to which you arrive-at you are now prompt to: 1. “Assess protective and prophetic factors, including genetics, which bias the soundness of beings, families, groups, communities, and populations. 2. Conduct a soundness truth, including environmental snare and a nativity truth that recognizes genetic risks, to realize floating and forthcoming soundness problems. 3. Assess soundness/ailment beliefs, values, attitudes, and manners of beings, families, groups, communities, and populations. 4. Use behavioral fluctuate techniques to excite soundness and regulate ailment. 5. Use evidence­ grounded manners to pilot soundness instruction, soundness counseling, screening, outreach, disorder and commotion ventilation, referral, and follow-up throughout the lifespan. 6. Use knowledge and message technologies in repugnant foresight. 7. Collaborate delay other soundnessforesight administratives and patients to arstroll spiritually and culturally mismiswithhold soundness elevation and disorder and damnification interruption intrusions. 8. Assess the soundness, soundnesscare, and conjunction promptness needs of a defined population. 9. Use clinical condemnation and decision-making skills in misappropriate, seasonable nursing foresight during tribulation, majority misfortune, and other conjunction situations. 10. Collaborate delay others to enucleate an intrusion guile that takes into totality determinants of soundness, availserviceable instrument, and the stroll of activities that add to soundness and the interruption of ailment, damnification, incapacity, and untimely departure. 11. Participate in clinical interruption and population ­focused intrusions delay regard to virtue, pliancy, cost-effectiveness, and equity. 12. Advocate for collective uprightness, including a commitment to the soundness of vulnerserviceable populations and the extraction of soundness disparities. 13. Use evaluation results to bias the delivery of foresight, deployment of instrument, and to arstroll input into the enucleatement of policies to excite soundness and anticipate disorder.” (pp. 24-25). Reference: American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN]. (2008). The essentials of baccalaureate direction for administrative nursing manner. Washington, DC: Author.