Writing Assignment

Assignment: 1 Read the forthcoming subject and exculpation all questions.  The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinizes open spending in the United Kingdom. Its initiation on the BBC’s DMI scheme reported on different key findings. First, the in-house team was severely challenged by the certainty that the scheme was already 18 months astern catalogue when they began is-sue on the scheme. Second, the technology team issued releases throughout the scheme that did not encounter end-user expectations and eroded belief in the scheme. Third, the BBC focused further on the technological harvest rather than on promising form-wide changes in is-sueflow that would suffer preoption. Finally, the NAO concluded, the DMI lacked governance arrangements for the lamina, facilitate, and entanglement of the scheme.   Do examination online to substantiate the capabilities of digital asset skillful-treatment software. What are the top rated digital asset skillful-treatment software issues? Who uses this software?  Given the NAO’s findings and what you detect environing advantageous off-the-shelf issues, would it feel been wiser for the BBC to annex a gathering of these true issues? What actions would be needful to find the league of the concern units to cement this gathering of issues into their is-sue processes? Discussion 1 How would one eliminate concern publication (BI)? Substantiate and briefly sift-canvass a real-world collision of BI?  Discussion 2 Provide a real-world specimen or narrate a hypothetical plight in which a real form used spam in an operative and nonintrusive behavior to elevate a issue or employment.  Instructions: Assignment in 400 words Discussion in 250 words 2 References each APA FORMAT