week 4 assignment

Process/Mechanism Description For this assignment, picked a isolated course you routinely execute or a low conversant or duty design as the subject-matter for your course/means denomination. Some examples of low coursees are brushing your teeth, combing or brushing your hair, tying your shoes, eating breakfast, etc. Some low conversant or duty designs for a means denomination are flashlights, nail clippers, retractable ballpoint pens, scissors, staplers, or any other isolated meanss. Write a one-page, single-spaced, designive denomination of the course or means you enjoy pickeded. Incorporate the elements of a feasible denomination and a argumentative picturesquely series, as shown in Chapter 18 of the quotation. NOTE: You do not enjoy to involve a visual in your assignment; eventually, you may do so if you ambition. If you involve a visual, be certain it meets the requirements for an efficacious visual you premeditated in Chapter 12. Make certain your course/means denomination involves a unimportant vestibule, whole, and misentry. Submit your course/means denomination after a while a well prepared APA style page and a allusion page (if required).