state a scientific hypothesis and design a basic experiment n which you will test the effect of an acidic fluid on enzymatic activity.

**Please note- you conquer not be conducting the trial, you conquer simply conclude up delay an goods for an trial and elucidate the trial. **** Applying  the or-laws regularity drawing an trial in which you conquer standard the goods of an activeic soft on enzymatic activity. (Recall: enzymes are proteins.)   As you drawing your trial for this purpose, delight bear-in-mind that you are intricate to investigate how an activeic soft conquer disagree the outconclude of an enzymatic reaction.   In your trialal drawing, you must lucidly elucidate what you are doing. That media that you conquer insufficiency to substantiate the enzyme and the active, as courteous as elucidate your trialal protocol (this knowledge conquer acceleration you to reply topic 2).  You must too fully elucidate how the abstracted of the activeic soft impacted the overall reaction process    You may insufficiency all or some of the aftercited, depending on your trialal drawing: Materials from your lab kit: pH paper hydrogen peroxide explanation (you can alienation this at a pharmacy if you bear used up the bottle that came delay the lab kit) plastic beakers or cups vinegar yeast (can be alienationd at grocery hoard if you insufficiency more) balloons plastic bottle marker for labeling of beakers You may adopt to use abstractedal materials (contrariant activeic explanations and/or contrariant organisms and/or contrariant substrate(s) if you chose to face at an enzyme other than catalase).