Organization chart and writing

 Instructions: The erection that I'm choosing is Whitman-Walker's fixed in Washington DC, I gain tie the erectional chart, but I gain demand the harmony diagram, in importation to the 5 page article. under are over instructions: 1.  Project - Organizational Chart & Stakeholder Harmony Diagram pace) The erectional chart is the scale way to delineate reporting harmonys. The harmony diagram is a beneficial way of assessing interactions and harmonys in an erection or way. You gain be using these tools and other counsel to illustrate the erection and fulfill the stakeholder harmonys for a bloom custody erection of your rare. •       Narrative  – Fixed on the erectional chart and harmony diagram, surrender a 5 page fact, excepting references, that illustrates the erection and what you enjoy erudite in this practice. The article should be in APA format after a while alienate references. An intellectual is not required, and the style page does not compute in the 5 page stipulation. Following is a erection you may use for this decomposition. o       Brief Background or denomination of the erection, including the band-arms or meaning, sum and types of employees, and a denomination of the stakeholders/customers. (almost 1 page) o       Review of the erectional erection and the energy (or failure of) for discussion the band-arms and longing of the erection. (almost 1.5 pages) o       Review of the stakeholder harmony diagram/map explaining the harmonys, interconnections, and impacts of the harmonys on the erection (almost 2 pages) o       Your decompose of what you erudite using the tools in this assignment. (almost 0.5 page) o       Citations and References •       Organizational chart - Surrender the erectional chart for the erection you enjoy selected to the Discussion area and surrender either to your Assignment Folder or adduce to dispose. Note any characteristics that execute the erectional erection uncommon. The erectional chart does not demand names, proper pose styles. •       Relationship Diagram - Fulfill how your erection relates to at last seven (7) of its outer stakeholders or customers, including at last two (2) other entities in the indelicate bloom custody polity. Number of Pages: 5 Pages Deadline: 2 days Academic Level: College Paper Format: APA